Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kill Bill, but not.

So in the beginning of the first Kill Bill movie, there's a girl fight in a kitchen and the daughter of one lady comes home from school and they stop fighting while the daughter is in the room, just in case no one has ever seen it.

In this dream, I was just observing. There was a blonde lady, and another lady that had brownish-reddish hair.  The brown haired lady was trying to steal the other lady's identity.  Her plan to do this was to kill the blonde lady while her family wasn't around, dispose of the body, then leave a note for the blonde's husband & kid saying that she was leaving them.  Then she would just leave that city and move somewhere else, and it'd all work.

So the brown haired lady snuck into the blonde's house during the day.  Her house had some pretty awesome carpet- bright colors and really plushy.  And even though that sounds tacky and 90's, it didn't look that way, and came across as super fancy and nice.  Also, the walls of the stairwell going up to the 2nd floor were purple.  I liked it.

So she snuck in through the front door, and was going to sneak around until she found the blonde lady and then kill her.  However, the shower was running, so the brown-haired lady just went upstairs to the bathroom.  Cue fight sequence!  Brown-haired lady had a knife, and blonde lady was in the shower, but brown-haired lady underestimated the blonde!  She knew kung-fu or something, and it turned into an epic shower/bathroom battle!

Then the daughter came home from school, and the brown haired lady hid in the shower while the blonde told the daughter to go back downstairs.

I'm pretty sure that the brown-haired lady succeeded with at least half her plan (the killing part), but not the hiding the body and disappearing part.  I don't remember this part, but based on what I do remember, I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

Water tubing

In this dream, everyone (me, Jake, Keegan, Brent, Tyler, Lambert) were all at Sydney's for a beach trip.  Or maybe just for a vacation.  Or maybe there was some other reason to be there.  But we were there, and were kind of just sitting around the house not doing much, when Sydney suddenly demanded that we go water tubing down the river.  None of us were opposed or had better ideas, so we got ready to go do that.  But before we could do it, we ABSOLUTELY HAD TO go to the grocery store and buy a plant.  Like, I knew it was the grocery store in the dream, but it didn't look like one.  It looked more like if you took the outside plant area of Home Depot/Lowes and squished it all down into a much smaller area.

That's all I remember.

Tigers and dog-bunnies

So I have had a version of this dream before, where the tiger was present, but not the dogs.

Millie and Pinto (or Girl-Bunny and Bunny as you may know them) were in my dream, but they were dogs instead of bunnies.  Millie was one of those big really fluffy dogs, had similar coloring to what she really has, but there was more red.  She was also more outgoing in the dream than she usually is.  Pinto was like a yellow lab or some other dog that is smaller and has shorter fur.  He was just following me and Millie around.

Anyway, there was a white tiger in my backyard.  He just lived there, and typically was well behaved and didn't usually try to eat people or animals, just the food he was given.  But one day, he was trying to escape to go eat the neighbors, and so I had to coax him back into the backyard and into a shed.  However, the dog-bunnies were not very good at sitting still and were very excited about the tiger misbehaving.  They were bouncing all around, and I was trying to talk them into just sitting still, and had to more or less drag them to the shed to get them out of the way since Millie wouldn't listen to reason.  (In the dream, Millie could communicate with me using full sentences.  Kind of like in some movie or book where there's a spirit-dog type thing that has glowing eyes and acts as some other character's conscience.  I don't remember what movie/book, but that was what it was like.)

So I finally got the dogs in the shed, but the tiger was still out in the side yard, watching neighbors.  I started calling out to it to try and get it to chase me back into the backyard so I could lock it in until the vet came to make the tiger feel better and not want to eat humans.  But then I got him in the backyard and realized that the dogs were in the shed that I needed to put the tiger in.  So then I had to get the tiger to sit still while I convinced the dogs that they should really get in the fort where it was safer.  After I got them in there, the tiger started heading toward me, but wouldn't go in the shed and started chasing me, and then I woke up.  I hope I didn't get eaten.


In this dream I was just an observer.  Bambi and Thumper (from the Disney movie) were having a class.  Animals could attend and learn how to be a rabbit.  The lesson that they were teaching was how to thump properly.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Last weeek/week before:
This one was so super awesome.  I will not do it justice in this writeup, and for that, I sincerely apologize.  I also have forgotten more than half of it, which disappoints me, because this was one of the coolest dreams I've had in a while.
I remember part of the middle, and the end.  If it was divided up in fifths, I remember the third and fifth fifths, and maybe like, a quarter of the first fifth, but probably not even that much of it.

Quarter of the first fifth of the awesome dream:
Someone, I assume it was Jake (because he is in my dreams so frequently, I just assume he's the one showing me this awesome stuff) was driving me in a beat up blue pickup to a surprise.  There was a parking lot with room for maybe fifty cars, and many of the spots had utility trucks already parked in them.  There was a cliff face on two sides of the parking lot, the building ran along the third side (into the cliff), and then the fourth side was where the driveway and courtyard/front yard of the building was.  There was a nice little fence around some of the grass with a flag pole and some flowers in old casks.  The building was mostly corrugated aluminum.  The surrounding area was farm land, so there were some cows hanging out.
We walked in the front door.  There was a guy at the reception desk, he was friendly looking.

And now I don't remember stuff.

The next thing I remember from it, I'm alone in a hallway that doesn't have any doors.  I'm pretty sure I was (yet again) being chased by bad guys.  So anyway, at the end of the hallway (where it dead-ends), the floor is either super intricately tiled or painted in a circular pattern.  I stood in the center of it, and then there was fog/smoke on the ground, and then suddenly I was outside at the base of the hill behind the building from earlier in the dream.  It was rainy and muddy, and water was cascading down the hill.  I started walking (trudging really) along the bottom of the hill to get to a part that didn't have water pouring down it to walk back up.  

Then there's some more not remembering-  I have a vague recollection that I wasn't the only person on the muddy hill.

Somewhere along the way I lost both my shoes (got stuck in mud), but I finally made it to the top of the hill and the front of the building by the entrance.  It was no longer raining, and the reception guy was outside with a pitchfork waiting for me.  He made some remark about getting ditched or lost or something, but in a joking manner.  I kind of ignored him and just kept walking back toward the parking lot.

The end.

So I know that that description doesn't sound like it was that awesome, but when I woke up, I had that feeling of having had the most awesome dream ever... I guess I just remember the boring parts.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I need to be better at updating....

So, I know that reading lots of text gets boring, so I am going to attempt something similar to what Allie (of hyperbole and a half fame) in the future.  I'm going to grab my drawing tablet when I go home next, and will attempt to draw nice looking drawings of what my dreams look like.  They're a lot better if you could see what they look like, because usually I get one or two very clear scenes stuck in my head, and if I could show everyone how colorful and detailed they are, then that would be awesome.  But I'm not an artist, so they'll probably be pretty bad to start with.

Last night:
I had a dream that I was home for Christmas, but it was like two weeks before Christmas.  My brother was home from school, but it was during finals week, so he really had no business being home... seeing as how he should be taking finals.  So the first week of 'break', we kept telling him he should be studying for the finals, since he had them the next week, and he kept uncharacteristically telling us to not worry about it, that he didn't need to study for them.  The next week rolls around, and he's just sitting on the carpet playing with legos all week.  The rest of the family keeps asking him if he needs to go back to school to take his finals, or study, and he keeps brushing it off, all, oh, no, no, I don't need to study, they aren't till later in the week.  Later in the week he's still just playing with legos.  Finally mom & dad are angry and think he's failing all his classes and yell at him, and he's all 'SURPRISE! I TOOK THEM EARLY!'

Over the weekend:
I had a dream that I had planned a get-together with a bunch of people.  I had made a reservation at a nice restaurant for like twelve people, so it was kind of a big deal.  I showed up to the restaurant a little early with someone (maybe Ron? or some other tall, skinny male friend from home?) to check and make sure that they had our table ready, since twelve people is a lot.  The hostess took us to the table, which was in this really nice courtyard area, surrounded on all four sides by the building, wrought iron tables with burnt-red and gold-yellow colored umbrellas over them.  It reminded me of Italy.  We had two tables pushed together against one of the walls.  Me and Ron (just gonna assume it's him, since that sort of makes sense) sat down to wait for everyone else to show up, but no one else showed up.  The rest of the restaurant got full-ish, and then it started raining, and no one else came.  I was sad. :(


Last Thursday (I think):
I had a dream (got to think of a better way to start this) where Jake and I had made plans to meet up with some people at an ice cream parlor.  We got there earlier than the people we were supposed to meet, so we got some milkshakes and sat down at a booth.  Because of how the place was structured, the people we were meeting didn't see us when they came in and sat at the booth behind ours.  We could hear what they were talking about, and heard them mention poisoning us.  Apparently we knew something we shouldn't know, and they needed to get rid of us.  Jake and I looked at each other and silently agreed that we needed to get out of there without them noticing, and fast.  We slowly crept out of our booth and made a dash for the other side of the restaurant.  When we were halfway there, the people we were meeting (who I have a vague feeling were Jake's aunts) started shooting at us, so we took off running.  
I assume we lost them, but I don't remember the middle part where we got away, but I know this next part is part of the same dream.
It picks up with me in the car with my dad and Kevin, and I'm driving.  I'm ranting to them about what happened at the restaurant, so I'm distracted, and run a red light.  As I run it, I hear the woop-woop of the police car that is two cars back.  I swear, and pull up on the sidewalk on the left side of the street (one way street, two lanes, sidewalks on both sides, so only place to pull over is on the sidewalk so traffic can go around) to wait for the cop to make it through the light.  As I'm waiting, I pull out my license and registration to get ready for the cop.  When the light changes, the cop pulls up behind me, other cars honk angrily.  The lady cop gets out of her car, and I roll down the window.  Instead of coming up to the car, she starts climbing up the fire escape of the building I pulled up next to.   I wait a few minutes for her to do whatever she's doing (messing with traffic cams?), but she doesn't come down for like ten minutes, so I just drive off.  There was a lot of traffic, and I was still trying to escape/get away from the ladies from the ice cream parlor.
I feel like the area I was driving through was India or something, because it kind of reminded me of Aladdin- the clotheslines going across the streets between buildings, they're all kind of clay and steel, and things are colorful.  But it's the same city as the ice cream parlor was in, and I have no idea where Jake went.  The drivers seat was on the left, just like in America (not sure what side of the road they drive on in India, so maybe it's not India, since I've never been there).

Friday, November 30, 2012

I remembered one!

This one was either the third dream from yesterday, or was from a couple of days ago.

I was in a cafeteria, that sort of looked like the first floor of my house (living room & dining room) if my house was much bigger.  I was there with some people who were supposed to be interviewing me.  But the whole interview thing was weird.  I signed in at the security hut (kind of laid out like LM is in Syr.), and they told me to go to a particular building.  What stuck out most about this building was that there were a ton of blinds in the windows, and that there were a ton of windows.  I got there super early in the morning, like 5 am, so everything was dark outside except for the lights coming from the windows and the street lamps.  I go in the building, and finally find my way to the room/office I'm supposed to meet the manager in.  That room is set up kind of auditorium style, with people sitting at desktops.  The manager guy is walking through the rows, helping people with problems, so in that sense it felt more like a classroom.  He finally gets to me and asks why I'm late (which I'm not), and then hands me off to someone.  I assume interviews happened, but the dream skipped that part and went straight to lunch where some of the people took me to the cafeteria.  We get lunch and talk at one of those big round tables that seat like ten people.  Then, in the dream it is the next day, and I have an interview with another company, and the two guys take me to lunch at the same cafeteria, but the food is much worse.  The people I ate with the first day are also there at the same table, and I go ask them a question but realize I should probably ask that question of the two guys I'm meeting with that day.  So I do that.  The food was pretty terrible.

Holy vivid dreams, Batman!

Dream 1:
I had parents, but they were different than my real parents.  The house was different too, although I was the same.  The 'parents' were fostering other kids, and 'mom' was paranoid about something and decided that everyone had to pack everything up and that we were going to move the next day.  I was like, ok, but I doubt we can get everything packed overnight.  So I went upstairs to my room and opened my closet.  Unlike other children, my closet was not full of clothes.  It was full of books.  Text books and reading for fun books and kid's books.... all sorts.  That meant that they wouldn't pack up easily since they were different sizes, and after taking a half hour to pack one box up, I went back downstairs and was like, yeah, this isn't going to happen.  That's all I remember of that dream.
Dream 2:
I was in a tiny powder blue four door car, like a Yaris or something.  I was traveling somewhere with Belinda, James, Mike and someone else.  I know there were five of us because Belinda and James were in the back seat, there was someone in the passenger's seat, and I was driving, and then Mike showed up and we squished him in between the driver & passengers seats.  We got to wherever we were going, and found a parking spot.  It was one of those ones that are at the edge of a parking lot by the grass.  The grass led to this really steep hill, and at the bottom of the hill was the building we were going to.  After whatever it was that we were attending was over, James, Belinda and I went back to the car (dunno what happened to Mike and the other person).  But now we were more or less parked in.  There were giant SUVs or Hummers or something on both sides, close enough that the doors could only open like three inches.  Maybe four.  The stupid tiny car didn't have a back hatch we could crawl through, so our options were waiting, or magic.  The dream chose magic, and somehow James got me and Belinda in the backseat, and then got in the front seat himself, calling the two of us idiots and acting all James-like.  Then we drove away, but I feel like we were also possibly being chased by bad guys, because I have a vague recollection of zooming through the parking lot and taking a corner on two wheels, but that might have just been how James drives.

Last night:
Dream 1:
Shit.  I remembered this.  I even took three snapshots of different parts of the dream in my head so I could remember the whole thing.  Now I don't.  I was all proud of myself too, until I fell back asleep and had Dream 2.  And apparently Dream 2 made it so I forgot my snapshots of Dream 1.

Dream 2:
I don't know what happened, but it was disturbing enough to make me get out of bed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catch up Post.

I have been slacking on writing these up.  Oops.

Last night:
Jake and I were moving out of our MD apartment, and going somewhere that was really far away.  After we had been on the road for 20 minutes, I realized that we never took stuff off the walls (photos, pictures, christmas lights), and started freaking out about it.  For whatever reason, Jake and I were in the same car, and he was driving and decided that we had gone too far to turn back.  Plus, we had turned the keys in, and no one would be there to give the keys back to us.  I got upset about not being able to go back, and was sulking about losing my posters, etc., when I realized that we could call Thomas! He lived next door, and could get the keys back from management when they were back tomorrow.  Then he could hold on to our stuff until we could pick it up!  Except management wouldn't believe that he knew us and was trying to help, so they wouldn't let us in.  I woke up and was all "Dream us are stupid."

Couple weeks ago:
I wasn't in the dream, just following people around in it.  Since this was a couple weeks ago, I don't remember much of it, but I was basically following some secret agent around as they were sneaking through this office that had like glass cubicles, so everyone could see through the walls.  Then the secret agent (don't even remember if it was a boy or a girl) had to pick a lock on a filing cabinet to get a briefcase out, but just as they got to the briefcase, someone started shooting and there was glass everywhere.

Last week:
For some reason, SWE decided that the regional conference should be in the fall, and national conference would be in May.  That's just stupid, because school is out in May, and so practically no collegiate members would go to it.  Anyway, the current GT SWE exec board had decided that it was best to bring all 150 members to regional conference.  I was talking to Sheree about it, and we were both all "STUPID STUPID STUPID."  But neither of us were an exec, and I was graduated, so our opinions didn't matter for it.  All gazillion people got to go, and somehow I ended up with them.  We got to 'conference' and everyone else was in awe of all the GT SWE people there.  It was taking place in some sort of underground mining/oil rig kind of place.  Cave walls with the metal catwalk/stairs that you see in those kind of places.  Everyone that came had to put on blue jumpsuits, and then line up and follow the leader person through an exhibit on Caterpillar dump trucks.

Same night as the SWE one:
Had a dream where the power went out and I had to pet the bunnies.  In a corner..... Don't remember a whole lot of this one.

A while ago:
I was in a hospital, and was like an intern or nurse or something, and there was this other group of doctor people who were all trying to save this other doctor.  Except they weren't trying as hard as they should be (blatantly ignoring the obvious thing he needed).  I felt that it was necessary to save his life, so I snuck him the drug he needed.  He started getting better, and one of the other doctors noticed his vitals going up, and went to tell the other doctors, and so I went in and was like "hey, you have to leave now, or they're gonna kill you" and so I helped him hobble out of the hospital while the other guys were looking for guns.  Then half the hospital exploded as we made it out.

There are some more from the past few days, but I can't remember them right now. :(
Maybe tomorrow they'll come back to me.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't trust strangers.

In this dream, there were pumpkins involved.  But other than a vague recollection of three pumpkins stacked on top of each other, I don't know what they were doing there.

The latter bit of the dream is easier to remember.  I was visiting France (I'm pretty sure), and had purchased this giant glass hurricane candle holder that had an iron base.  So it was like 7-8 ft tall, about 18" in diameter.  I was carrying it over my shoulder and was in a crowded place.  Kind of felt like it was a plaza outside of a train station.  So anyway, I got off the train (or at least was coming from that side of the plaza), and there were tons and tons of people around.  I got to the far side, where there were stairs, and someone knocked into me and I almost fell, and some guy on the stairs noticed and grabbed my hurricane from me so I wouldn't fall.  For some reason, I was like stuck on the top step, and the guy's kid was like, ooh, what's this? two steps below me.  So then the kid tipped the hurricane over so he could look down the top (it was wrapped in paper to help try and protect it).  Then he started blowing in it, and because this is a dream, it expanded and popped, shattering at the bottom and working up to the top (where the kid was still blowing into it).  Glass was flying everywhere, and I was understandably pissed.  This was a super old thing related to some extinct culture that was found at an archaeology dig! Who did this kid think he was!  An asshole.  That's what.  So then I was all, you owe me so many monies, and the dad was all, no we don't.  And meanwhile, people all around had glass shards in them.

That's about all I remember, but I think the police got involved at that point.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Level 5 Math Class

I actually had this last week, but got lazy about writing it up.  This dream took place in my high school, during what appeared to be senior year.  

It started and I was at home, running slightly late for school.   The doorbell rang, and it was this group of three adults who were supposed to follow me around for the day.  The one in charge looked kind of like NPH.  I said hi to them, and ran out to my car, expecting that if they'd want to actually follow me around all day, that they were perfectly capable of doing so without me changing how I did things.  Then they rushed off to get in their car, and I drove to school.  They were pretty good at following till we got to school & parked, when I took off really fast to get to class.

First class was a science (I think bio) class in the basement of the school.  It was a typically boring class, and afterward, I stopped to talk to James in the hall for a bit.  Somehow this made the people lose track of me.  After we'd been chatting a while, I checked my schedule (apparently this was also the first day of class for the year or something), and found out that my next class was the 5th level math class that also happened to be on the 5th floor.  So then I took off running to make it to class on time, and ran into NPH & his gang on the first floor, and was all, hey, gonna be late!  Then they followed me to my math class.

This was supposed to be like some super hard complex math class, but all we were doing in the dream was drawing things.  Things that everyone else was having trouble drawing, but I had this little plastic thing that made it easier for me to draw....because the plastic thing was what we were supposed to be drawing, and I could just trace it.  The people following me had to do it too, I guess one of the rules was that they had to participate in class as well as just follow me around.  They weren't as smart though, and couldn't do it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

4 dreams...

First up is a dream I had several days ago and have just been too lazy to write up.  Then are three that I had last night.

I was somewhere, maybe some camp or something, and there was this old kind of creepy guy.  There was a little bridge, like the kind you get to go over the storm water in your back yard garden, or the type they use for crossing over at boy scouts or girl scouts.  It was sitting in front of a small pond, and on the other side was a little gazebo thing that was partially enclosed.  There was some pretty dense bushes in the general area from the 2nd half of the pond back past the gazebo.  There were little pumpkins scattered on the ground.
The guy told me to pick a pumpkin and take it into the gazebo, and that then I could talk to the spirit of the rabbit that was living in the pumpkin.  So I picked a pumpkin, and went down one of the paths that led to the back of the gazebo, and set it down on a railing, and I found out about the life of some random bunny.

...which reminds me of another dream:
At some point in the past couple of weeks, I had a dream that Pinto, a.k.a. Bunny had died, and I was so, so, so sad.  And then I was all, "Oh no! Girl Bunny! [a.k.a. Millie] she must be so sad too!"  And then I went and cuddled with Girl Bunny and kept being sad about Bunny dying. :(

First dream from last night:
There was a bag of clothes that were ready to be donated to the Salvation Army that were sitting on a chair by the front door.  On the back of the chair was one of my favorite jackets that I was going to wear.  I went to the closet to look for a scarf to wear, and dad went and took the bag and the jacket and took it without me knowing.  Then I had to find a different jacket to wear and follow dad to the GIANT Salvation Army store, where they had already put it on a rack.  So then I had to dig through all the racks to try and find it.  Dunno if I ever did though, because then it switched to the next dream.

I was at a used bookstore with mom, and had a sudden need to find a very particular book.  It was a book that I apparently already owned, but that I needed to buy again (dunno, dreams are weird).  Of course, I didn't know the title, author, or what it was about, just a vague idea of what the cover looked like and that it was a hardcover book.  I started climbing on tables and looking through every single bookshelf trying to find it.  Unable to find it, we went home, where I went to my bookshelf and found it and pulled it out.  It looked nothing like what I had been describing.  Then we were in a car going somewhere, but I don't know where, because then the next dream happened.

I was in charge of this carwash with like two other people.  At this carwash, kids would come to drop off the cars, and I was responsible for keeping track of what kid went with which car, and also entertaining the kids while their cars were being washed.  Dunno where all the adults were.
So I had this little book of different activities that we could do, and of course the kid (who has a dog), wants to do some weird coin toss game, so I had to run around trying to find the coin toss things.  I couldn't find them, so I conferred with one of the people who was helping to run it, and she didn't know where the stuff was.  So I had to go back to the kid and explain that he couldn't do that activity.  Then he got sad, and sat on the ground, and his dog got kind of angry, and started gnawing on my hand.  It wasn't painful or anything, just kinda.. weird.  Then I woke up.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two in one!

Last nigh I had two dreams!  The first was weird, the second was kind of exciting.

First dream:  It was like I was actually in a minecraft world.  I was in some tunnel/cave exploring and putting candles down and opening all the chests I found in there.  Then all of a sudden I was like, ow, my stomach hurt.  So I dug my way out of the left wall to the outside (only one block to go through, and somehow I knew that).  So I get out, and my sister is there.  Yup, in the dream I had a sister.  She was pretty awesome.  And so I told her my stomach hurt, and she was like, "Oh! Maybe you're pregnant too!"  And I'm just like "Um... what? No."  And it turns out that she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and two days later got an IUD and then missed her period and found out she was pregnant.  And I was like, "Wait, don't you have an IUD? How are you preggers?"  But it was the sex before it got put in that made her pregnant, and in her own words: "I got grandfathered in!"  (Because it happened before the IUD.)

So anyway, weird dream where I had a sister who was pregnant.  >.>

Second dream:  I was in someone's house, maybe my mom's house in the future, or some other relative's imaginary house.  They had like zero food, and I was hungry, so I went down to the basement to look for food down there.  I found a box that had like two tins of tuna*, so I brought the box upstairs to make the tuna.  Then I noticed that there was a book in the bottom of the box, so I took it out.

It was a Disney book from the 40's with glass and tissue paper pages.  Like, there'd be glass, and on either side would be tissue paper pages with the words and pictures on it.  Because apparently, before books were made out of paper, they were made out of sheets of glass (covers were like the covers on golden books).  So then I get all excited about how I found this old book in perfect condition, when I notice there is a photograph in the bottom of the box also.  It looks like it was taken at Christmas.  It had my grandpa sitting in a chair, and then my uncle is on the floor.  There is another person in the picture who was the same uncle, but that doesn't make sense.  My uncle is wearing pretty neat looking glasses (titanium across the top, and then the rest are plastic... I know, that description is horrible, but they looked super cool in the dream), and the other guy who looks like he is also my uncle, but older and with a huge bushy grey beard, is wearing those giant hipster glasses.  But since my uncle can't be in the same photo twice, we're just gonna assume the guy with the beard is a stranger.

So then it's time for me to go to a park with my parents, my brother, his best friend, his best friend's parents and siblings, and one of my friends (not sure who).  We are at the park, because the parents have to meet a contractor to do work on both houses, and for some reason they had to drag all the kids along.

My friend and I are sitting off to the side, and she asks me about my brother's best friend's family and why they have so many kids.  I tell her that the parents had seven kids, and then they had to adopt two more because those kids' parents died in a car crash and the parents had been friends.  Then I showed her the stuff I found in the tuna box, and she was kind of intrigued, but apparently was not as interested in a glass book from the 40's as I was.

*The tuna was also from the 40's, so it was probably a good thing there was the book and photo to distract me.  60+ year old tuna does not sound tasty.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Computer Gym

I've really got to figure out a better way to start these than "Last night I had a dream where" or "The other day I had a dream and."  It's getting pretty boring and repetitive, especially when the whole blog is about dreams I had the other day or last night or yesterday or six years ago.......

Anyway,  yesterday I had a dream.  There was a huge gymnasium (think high school gym) that had those 3'x5' tables in rows across the whole width, with aisles on the ends.  Each table had a desktop and a chair, so it was like a gym that turned into a computer lab, but with a 5' table for each computer.

However, the tables were all laid out to form a maze, so if you wanted to get to a free computer, you'd have to go past a million others since they weren't just laid out in straight lines.  Then, to make matters worse, whenever the computer repair guys had to work on a table, they'd put ice on the floor in front of the table of the computer that needed work, so if there was a broke table in the way of you getting to a free computer, you'd have to find another way around.  And some of the tables were just empty with no computers.

Also, it's weird how you feel like dreams last forever while you're in them, but then when you try to explain them, it takes like two tiny paragraphs.  And then the dreams that are really short take forever to explain properly.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gangnam Style

So the other day I had a dream, but then I got lazy and didn't write it up immediately.

Brent and Sydney and I were all in the same class together, along with one of my friends from elementary school.  The teacher made us all sit alphabetically, which I know because Brent was on the other side of the room and Sydney was one row over from me.  But that doesn't really matter to the dream, I just thought it was neat that my brain automatically alphabetized us.  My elementary school friend was two rows over and back a bit, which also is about right.

Anyway, it's the end of class, and Brent and Sydney leave, and I go talk to my elementary school friend (who shall remain nameless because she and I haven't talked in like.... at least six years).

"Me and Brent and Sydney and Toastie* are going to go to place after school.  Do you want to come too?"

"I can't even put real names to faces on your friends.  What makes you think I know who Toastie is?" She then walked off annoyed.  I guess she didn't want to go to place with us, where ever that was.

Then I walk out of the classroom and Brent is waiting because we have the same class together next, and it's downstairs.  We then proceed to gangnam style** down the stairs, holding on to the railing.  Apparently this is the best way ever to go down stairs because everyone else is staring at us and we're laughing our heads off.

The end!

*Toastie is the name Keegan uses on a video game.

**This is also hilarious because I CAN NOT DANCE.  It's what he's doing at 1:26 in the video, cepts with both hands holding on to the railing and going down stairs.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sand people.

So I had an epically long dream last night.  I don't remember the very beginning, or like the last half, despite half-waking up periodically during it and reviewing it all to try & remember it all.  So here's what I do remember.

Me and Jake were in my parent's backyard, but had to run away for some reason, and ran through a forest.  We were being chased I think, or maybe just exiled.  But we ran so far, that we found a desert in the middle of the forest.  There were people camping out and they had their own little society.  By this point dream-us had to pee, but to get to the sand people's toilet, you had to crawl through a teeny tunnel, then squeeze through a hole to get to the bathroom part.  I was not up for the claustrophobia, so I think I just went and found a bush.  Sorry sand people!

Since the sand people were kinda weird, we kept walking, and I don't know what happened next. :(


So I had a dream last night, but I don't remember much other than apartment hunting in tree forts.  This one was also slightly alarming, because I felt it was real while I was sleeping (I was making whimpering noises.)

Had one the night before, and I have a vague impression of trees.

So this entry is a placeholder in case I ever magically remember what either of these were about.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why have I had this one twice?

I've had this dream before, and it just leaves me confused when I wake up.

In it, I'm pretty sure I'm not me, and that I'm just in someone else's head for the ride.
This lady is married and has two babies (maybe three).  Her family is trying to run and escape the bad guys- cops/govt. people/the bad guys in movies who want to silence people who know things they shouldn't know.  It starts off as they're running and have the kids in a shopping cart, and they're going through a neighborhood where another woman is getting groceries out of her car and has her double stroller sitting in the driveway.  She calls my lady over and asks if she/I want to trade the shopping cart for the stroller, and swap some clothes as well (hat/scarf/coat) to help throw off the bad guys.  My lady agrees, straps the kids in (who are strangely silent the whole dream) and continues running off with the kids.  The husband is up ahead scouting to make sure they can get through the next area they're running through.

They enter this big barn-like structure (looks like a barn, but acts more like Main St. in a small town).  There are some of the bad guys with guns guarding stacks of hay on either side in the middle, but the husband thinks they can sneak past, especially since they traded the shopping cart for the stroller and have slightly changed their appearances.  So they calmly walk through and don't raise any suspicion.  The other end of the barn thing opens into a grocery store.

Now, for some reason, the grocery store is just crawling with bad guys.  The aisles are also really skinny, with piles of boxed food sitting in front of the shelves.  The husband is walking in front of the lady (who has now traded the stroller for a grocery cart so they can also steal groceries).  They get to the back left corner of the store (going down the dairy aisle), and in that corner is the door to the stock room, and a giant pile of Sprite and another giant pile of breakfast cereal.  There isn't anyone around, so the husband decides to re-stack it all to block off the door to the stock room.  He does that, and the lady takes the kids off toward the back right corner (passing the meat counter), tossing groceries in the cart as she sees things she wants.  The meat counter area kind of reminds me of the fight seen in the grocery store in Hot Fuzz, except no one is fighting, there's just a TON of bad guys.  The lady knows that if she can get past the bad guys in the meat counter area, then she can escape to freedom by going out the back right door that leads to a pedestrian highway kind of thing.  The bad guys notice her when she's almost there, and one of them shouts at the other ones and they start chasing her.  Then the husband shows up and I assume starts trying to fight them off.

I'm pretty sure the family makes it out of the grocery store ok though, and all the bad guys are just stuck at the door looking out all, "Darn it! We almost had them!"  But for some reason they can't leave the grocery store.  It's like the grocery store was the last civilized place, and now that the family is outside the bad guys are giving them up for dead.  Kind of like when the hyenas were chasing Simba away in Lion King.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lets do some homework in the pool!

So I had a dream, where I was living in the old apartment in Atlanta, and a whole bunch of people were over visiting.  Now, when I dream of real life places, they don't look the same, but I know that they are.  So my dream version of the Atlanta apartment complex (which has previously featured a six story pool) had a turf field, and everyone was running around having fun.

Then someone said they had to go because they had homework to do, but whoever it was came with other people, and the driver didn't know how to get back to their place.  Like, they couldn't find their way out of the parking garage, which for some reason resembled the one by the Georgia Dome.  So the person with the homework started doing it there, but then the field turned into a giant swimming pool, and it was dark and there weren't any lights.  So someone got some cups and glow-sticks and made things that kinda worked like flashlights so that person could do the homework.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blue Shirts

Had a short dream last night.  Jake and I were waiting in a line full of people dressed business casual.  The guy behind us is talking to us, and then all of a sudden is all, "But guys can only own ONE BLUE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT! You're gonna get in trouble!"  Jake was wearing his one blue button down shirt.  So he started laughing at the guy behind us so much he was rolling on the ground laughing.  Then I woke up.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miter Saw in the Bathroom?

Background:  When I was in middle school and high school, I participated in a club called Science Olympiad.  There were multiple events (bottle rockets, build a tower out of balsa wood, know everything about fossils, etc.) that tested students on their ability to build structures that met certain specifications and/or knowledge of a subject.  I was super involved and received numerous medals at both the regional and state levels.  So it was a pretty big part of my life, but I've been out of high school for a while now, and don't usually think about SciOly.

Last night, I was in a team meeting- coaches, parents, other team members.  During the meeting it was decided that the girls (myself, Aline, I think Sheree, and I think the other person was Sydney) were going to go use the miter saw to work on the bottle rocket, and that my dad would help us.  So the five of us walked down the hall to the bathroom (similar layout to my current apartment, but with an obviously larger bathroom) where the miter saw was kept.

Flash forward to Michael Kelso from That 70's Show showing up as the kid who will be participating in the bottle rocket event at competition.  He's just as Kelso-esqe as he is on the show.  But now it's just me and him and I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to teach him what he needs to know about the event.  Apparently there is some weird aviator hat with built in goggles that we have to wear, but it's got a zipper around the brim and I can't figure it out, and then it's too small for my head.  While I'm trying to figure it out, Kelso wanders off.

As I'm trying to get the hat on my head, there's some alert siren going off and the bottle rocket people (which now apparently includes me, although I don't think I was signed up for it to start with) have to report to this hovercraft thing that kind of looks like what they had in Sky Captain (near the end when the scientists are escaping), so I run up to it and jump on.  There are already four other people on it, laying down with their hands on their head, all under a sheet (guess I'm late).  One of them is Kelso, and my mom is driving the hovercraft.  There's some lady with really curly hair (maybe River from Dr. Who?) stationed at the hovercraft next to ours and she has somehow figured out those stupid goggle things with the zipper.

Then our hovercraft zipped off, Kelso made some stupid comment, and I don't know what happened next.

Hello, and welcome to my head!

Since I've been having weird-ass dreams all summer, Jake finally told me that I should make a blog about them all.  I thought this was a fantastic idea, since I've had semi-vivid dreams my whole life.  At one point I was writing them down, but that didn't last long.  Since one of the first things I do every day is get on the internet, a blog seems perfect.  This way other people can benefit from the funny ones too!

So, my plan is to update this on days I have dreams.  If it's been a really long time and I haven't had any, then I'll update with an older dream that I still remember.  Like the oldest one I can remember in which dinosaurs are terrorizing my house, and I have to escape to get help, or the one I had last week where Kate Middleton sent me on an adventure with Mongolians.