Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sand people.

So I had an epically long dream last night.  I don't remember the very beginning, or like the last half, despite half-waking up periodically during it and reviewing it all to try & remember it all.  So here's what I do remember.

Me and Jake were in my parent's backyard, but had to run away for some reason, and ran through a forest.  We were being chased I think, or maybe just exiled.  But we ran so far, that we found a desert in the middle of the forest.  There were people camping out and they had their own little society.  By this point dream-us had to pee, but to get to the sand people's toilet, you had to crawl through a teeny tunnel, then squeeze through a hole to get to the bathroom part.  I was not up for the claustrophobia, so I think I just went and found a bush.  Sorry sand people!

Since the sand people were kinda weird, we kept walking, and I don't know what happened next. :(


So I had a dream last night, but I don't remember much other than apartment hunting in tree forts.  This one was also slightly alarming, because I felt it was real while I was sleeping (I was making whimpering noises.)

Had one the night before, and I have a vague impression of trees.

So this entry is a placeholder in case I ever magically remember what either of these were about.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why have I had this one twice?

I've had this dream before, and it just leaves me confused when I wake up.

In it, I'm pretty sure I'm not me, and that I'm just in someone else's head for the ride.
This lady is married and has two babies (maybe three).  Her family is trying to run and escape the bad guys- cops/govt. people/the bad guys in movies who want to silence people who know things they shouldn't know.  It starts off as they're running and have the kids in a shopping cart, and they're going through a neighborhood where another woman is getting groceries out of her car and has her double stroller sitting in the driveway.  She calls my lady over and asks if she/I want to trade the shopping cart for the stroller, and swap some clothes as well (hat/scarf/coat) to help throw off the bad guys.  My lady agrees, straps the kids in (who are strangely silent the whole dream) and continues running off with the kids.  The husband is up ahead scouting to make sure they can get through the next area they're running through.

They enter this big barn-like structure (looks like a barn, but acts more like Main St. in a small town).  There are some of the bad guys with guns guarding stacks of hay on either side in the middle, but the husband thinks they can sneak past, especially since they traded the shopping cart for the stroller and have slightly changed their appearances.  So they calmly walk through and don't raise any suspicion.  The other end of the barn thing opens into a grocery store.

Now, for some reason, the grocery store is just crawling with bad guys.  The aisles are also really skinny, with piles of boxed food sitting in front of the shelves.  The husband is walking in front of the lady (who has now traded the stroller for a grocery cart so they can also steal groceries).  They get to the back left corner of the store (going down the dairy aisle), and in that corner is the door to the stock room, and a giant pile of Sprite and another giant pile of breakfast cereal.  There isn't anyone around, so the husband decides to re-stack it all to block off the door to the stock room.  He does that, and the lady takes the kids off toward the back right corner (passing the meat counter), tossing groceries in the cart as she sees things she wants.  The meat counter area kind of reminds me of the fight seen in the grocery store in Hot Fuzz, except no one is fighting, there's just a TON of bad guys.  The lady knows that if she can get past the bad guys in the meat counter area, then she can escape to freedom by going out the back right door that leads to a pedestrian highway kind of thing.  The bad guys notice her when she's almost there, and one of them shouts at the other ones and they start chasing her.  Then the husband shows up and I assume starts trying to fight them off.

I'm pretty sure the family makes it out of the grocery store ok though, and all the bad guys are just stuck at the door looking out all, "Darn it! We almost had them!"  But for some reason they can't leave the grocery store.  It's like the grocery store was the last civilized place, and now that the family is outside the bad guys are giving them up for dead.  Kind of like when the hyenas were chasing Simba away in Lion King.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lets do some homework in the pool!

So I had a dream, where I was living in the old apartment in Atlanta, and a whole bunch of people were over visiting.  Now, when I dream of real life places, they don't look the same, but I know that they are.  So my dream version of the Atlanta apartment complex (which has previously featured a six story pool) had a turf field, and everyone was running around having fun.

Then someone said they had to go because they had homework to do, but whoever it was came with other people, and the driver didn't know how to get back to their place.  Like, they couldn't find their way out of the parking garage, which for some reason resembled the one by the Georgia Dome.  So the person with the homework started doing it there, but then the field turned into a giant swimming pool, and it was dark and there weren't any lights.  So someone got some cups and glow-sticks and made things that kinda worked like flashlights so that person could do the homework.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blue Shirts

Had a short dream last night.  Jake and I were waiting in a line full of people dressed business casual.  The guy behind us is talking to us, and then all of a sudden is all, "But guys can only own ONE BLUE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT! You're gonna get in trouble!"  Jake was wearing his one blue button down shirt.  So he started laughing at the guy behind us so much he was rolling on the ground laughing.  Then I woke up.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miter Saw in the Bathroom?

Background:  When I was in middle school and high school, I participated in a club called Science Olympiad.  There were multiple events (bottle rockets, build a tower out of balsa wood, know everything about fossils, etc.) that tested students on their ability to build structures that met certain specifications and/or knowledge of a subject.  I was super involved and received numerous medals at both the regional and state levels.  So it was a pretty big part of my life, but I've been out of high school for a while now, and don't usually think about SciOly.

Last night, I was in a team meeting- coaches, parents, other team members.  During the meeting it was decided that the girls (myself, Aline, I think Sheree, and I think the other person was Sydney) were going to go use the miter saw to work on the bottle rocket, and that my dad would help us.  So the five of us walked down the hall to the bathroom (similar layout to my current apartment, but with an obviously larger bathroom) where the miter saw was kept.

Flash forward to Michael Kelso from That 70's Show showing up as the kid who will be participating in the bottle rocket event at competition.  He's just as Kelso-esqe as he is on the show.  But now it's just me and him and I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to teach him what he needs to know about the event.  Apparently there is some weird aviator hat with built in goggles that we have to wear, but it's got a zipper around the brim and I can't figure it out, and then it's too small for my head.  While I'm trying to figure it out, Kelso wanders off.

As I'm trying to get the hat on my head, there's some alert siren going off and the bottle rocket people (which now apparently includes me, although I don't think I was signed up for it to start with) have to report to this hovercraft thing that kind of looks like what they had in Sky Captain (near the end when the scientists are escaping), so I run up to it and jump on.  There are already four other people on it, laying down with their hands on their head, all under a sheet (guess I'm late).  One of them is Kelso, and my mom is driving the hovercraft.  There's some lady with really curly hair (maybe River from Dr. Who?) stationed at the hovercraft next to ours and she has somehow figured out those stupid goggle things with the zipper.

Then our hovercraft zipped off, Kelso made some stupid comment, and I don't know what happened next.

Hello, and welcome to my head!

Since I've been having weird-ass dreams all summer, Jake finally told me that I should make a blog about them all.  I thought this was a fantastic idea, since I've had semi-vivid dreams my whole life.  At one point I was writing them down, but that didn't last long.  Since one of the first things I do every day is get on the internet, a blog seems perfect.  This way other people can benefit from the funny ones too!

So, my plan is to update this on days I have dreams.  If it's been a really long time and I haven't had any, then I'll update with an older dream that I still remember.  Like the oldest one I can remember in which dinosaurs are terrorizing my house, and I have to escape to get help, or the one I had last week where Kate Middleton sent me on an adventure with Mongolians.