Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weirdest Ice Breaker Ever.

So this dream I guess takes place in high school, since it only had people from high school in it, but we were closer to being the age we are now rather than high school aged.

There was a giant classroom with probably close to 200 people in it.  The center of the classroom was basically a giant rectangular pit, about 30' wide by 60' long, and probably 20' deep.  The desks were the typical one armed desks everyone had in high school, and were arranged in rows of 4 facing the pit.

The teacher (who I think was that 8th grade social studies teacher we had who locked a class in the classroom one time, don't remember her name) had a bucket with slips of paper with everyone's names on them.  Once everyone had them, we were supposed to find our partner.  (Now that I'm awake, this seems weird because that would mean that the person whose name you have wouldn't necessarily have your name, but thats how it worked in the dream... or at least, that's how it was supposed to work.)

The name I drew was something like 'Bunni Smith,' I am 100% positive on the first name (and the spelling), and I know the last name was something common.  Most of the students knew each other so it was easy to find your partner, but  there were some unfamiliar faces.  There was one girl a few rows over from me that looked like she might be a Bunni, so I asked her if she was, and she was like, no, I think that she sits over there (on the other side of the pit).  But by the time I started heading over to the other side of the room, nearly everyone had found their partner and was sitting down with them.  The teacher called the last six of us without partners over to her and paired us up.  Not sure who three of the people were, but James, Barry and I were in the group.  I ended up getting paired with James.

The point of this whole exercise was to do an ice breaker activity, which is weird when most of the people already know each other.  But this was no ordinary ice breaker.  At the bottom of the pit was a pool.  The pool had all these ball bearings floating on top of it, and somehow a subwoofer was involved.  The teacher had us all line up around the edge of the pit and flipped a switch or something.  The lights turned off and it got all disco-y and when the subwoofer thumped, the ball bearings would jump and change what shape they were making.  The teacher explained that we were to get to know our partners and find out something new & unique about them to share with the class.  We would then have to take that fact and somehow incorporate it into a ball bearing performance, which would involve figuring out how to program it to work.

Of course, then everyone started talking about how friggin impossible this would be- not only to program ball bearings to do what you want (while floating on water), but the teacher wasn't supplying us with any information on how this would be accomplished, so we would have to research it individually, and oh, by the way, it's due in a week!

I don't really know what I learned that was new about James, but I think we decided I'd make something about how he likes the Civil War.

That's it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boozy Dog Race

Jake and I were at a race track (think horse racing) but it was only about the size of a high school track/ football stadium.  There were little dogs, perhaps chihuahuas, although I feel like they were a bit bigger and definitely didn't have the chihuahua heads.  They all had these neat little harnesses on that weighed them down.  Before the race stared, fuses were lit that connected to the harnesses, once the fuse got to the harness, it melted something inside (solder/wax) that had a low melting point.  This released the heavy part of the weight from the harness so the dogs could take off.  They all had on different neon colored harnesses to tell them apart.

I was (for some ungodly reason) betting on the salmon colored one and Jake was betting on the neon yellow one.  Only one person was allowed to bet on a dog at a time.

When the dogs got to the finish line, the announcer guy called out that the magenta, salmon and yellow dogs had won, and for the people who bet on them to come down to the finish line for their Manhattans.  The drinks were in glasses that matched the color of the dogs.  I guess I grabbed the wrong one, because then there was a group of sorority-type girls grouped around the girl who had bet on the magenta dog, and she had the salmon glass, but it's not like it mattered because all three of us got the same drink.

Also, I think at some point the drinks were strapped to the dogs heads, but I think that the sorority girls may have just been trying to see if the dog was talented at balancing things on its head, because Jake and I picked ours up from a railing nearby.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scotland and Stupid Sticky Notes

Let me start off by saying that despite not posting for almost a month, I have been having a ton of dreams.  The problem has been that I'll have one, wake up when it's over in the middle of the night, think it over, and decide that yes, I'll be able to remember this in the morning.  Then I end up waking up and not remembering it at all, or remembering one tiny detail that is useless without the rest of the dream, and so not worth writing up.

Luckily, I had two dreams last night, both of which I remember.

The first one was about and epic trip to Scotland.  But a Scotland that was located much closer to Canada than England.  Let me draw you a map.

Anyway.  I was at home and hanging out with Elliott and Gary.  We decided that we wanted to do a ten day trip to Scotland, and kind of bounce around cities and sights and maybe do a little sightseeing in Canada too.  So we plotted out a route.  Somehow though, word got out to people.  And then EVERYONE wanted to go.  Let me list just a few of the people who were involved in this dream: Kevin, Erik, some more SciOly kids (mostly just the guys), Stephanie, Sydney, Aline, Sheree, some other random SWE girls, Juliana.....and there were probably another 20 people.

Originally we (Elliott, Gary and I) were planning on just staying at hostels.  But once the millions of people decided they all wanted to come, we had to switch to hotels.  But then that got expensive, so we decided that we would camp and drive around in RVs.  So then we had to gather up camping equipment and food and stuff and pack.  But my dream skipped over this part and straight to being in Scotland.

It was night time, and time to set up the tents.  However no one wanted to do it, and so it was a pain in the butt to make people do what they were supposed to be doing.  I feel like Erik was supposed to be in charge of organizing people to set up tents, but he was too busy playing with a computer, because I remember yelling at him about being distracted.

Then, once everything was set up and people had eaten, Juliana waltzes (literally, she was dancing) in, carrying a super elaborate wedding-looking cake.  Apparently it was her birthday and she got a super fancy cake* and was bringing us (Stephanie, Sydney, Aline, Sheree, other SWE girls) the leftovers.  It was really good cake though.  Then I assume everyone slept, because the next thing I remember, we're trying to get everyone to pack things up so we can all get in the RVs and go to the next place we wanted to visit.  But then people were complaining about not knowing where to put the plates and that they lost something and couldn't find it.

It was at that point I got fed up with people and woke up.

I debated getting up for good, but I was still kind of sleepy, so I decided to go back to sleep.

In my second dream, Jake and I lived in what I assume was an apartment, although it could have been a house, because we were having other people move in with us too, we had just been the first ones to get there.  We had already set up the living room to have bookshelves EVERYWHERE, and had already put most of our books on them.  Our new roommates were Aleeza and Thomas.  In my dream, I'm pretty sure Aleeza was single and Thomas had a crush on her.  Anyway, Aleeza moved in next, and claimed her own bookshelf.  Between the three of us, we pretty much had all the shelves filled.  Then Thomas showed up** and wanted to add his books to the collection, but there wasn't an empty bookshelf for him to claim, so he was going to have to spread his out on all the bookshelves and use the empty shelves that Jake, Aleeza and I weren't using.  Then I started freaking out about what if someone gets confused and moves out and steals all my books?!?!  So then I tried to find some sticky notes to label which shelves had whose books on them, but none of the sticky notes were sticky enough, and so I finally woke up because I was angry at the sticky notes not working. :(

*The cake kind of looked like this but it was square and kind of a shimmering gold with pink flowers on it and no bow on top.

**Thomas also came with some 11x17" artwork that he wanted me to frame and put on the walls, but there was like, no wall space in this room.