Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boozy Dog Race

Jake and I were at a race track (think horse racing) but it was only about the size of a high school track/ football stadium.  There were little dogs, perhaps chihuahuas, although I feel like they were a bit bigger and definitely didn't have the chihuahua heads.  They all had these neat little harnesses on that weighed them down.  Before the race stared, fuses were lit that connected to the harnesses, once the fuse got to the harness, it melted something inside (solder/wax) that had a low melting point.  This released the heavy part of the weight from the harness so the dogs could take off.  They all had on different neon colored harnesses to tell them apart.

I was (for some ungodly reason) betting on the salmon colored one and Jake was betting on the neon yellow one.  Only one person was allowed to bet on a dog at a time.

When the dogs got to the finish line, the announcer guy called out that the magenta, salmon and yellow dogs had won, and for the people who bet on them to come down to the finish line for their Manhattans.  The drinks were in glasses that matched the color of the dogs.  I guess I grabbed the wrong one, because then there was a group of sorority-type girls grouped around the girl who had bet on the magenta dog, and she had the salmon glass, but it's not like it mattered because all three of us got the same drink.

Also, I think at some point the drinks were strapped to the dogs heads, but I think that the sorority girls may have just been trying to see if the dog was talented at balancing things on its head, because Jake and I picked ours up from a railing nearby.

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