Saturday, October 27, 2012

Level 5 Math Class

I actually had this last week, but got lazy about writing it up.  This dream took place in my high school, during what appeared to be senior year.  

It started and I was at home, running slightly late for school.   The doorbell rang, and it was this group of three adults who were supposed to follow me around for the day.  The one in charge looked kind of like NPH.  I said hi to them, and ran out to my car, expecting that if they'd want to actually follow me around all day, that they were perfectly capable of doing so without me changing how I did things.  Then they rushed off to get in their car, and I drove to school.  They were pretty good at following till we got to school & parked, when I took off really fast to get to class.

First class was a science (I think bio) class in the basement of the school.  It was a typically boring class, and afterward, I stopped to talk to James in the hall for a bit.  Somehow this made the people lose track of me.  After we'd been chatting a while, I checked my schedule (apparently this was also the first day of class for the year or something), and found out that my next class was the 5th level math class that also happened to be on the 5th floor.  So then I took off running to make it to class on time, and ran into NPH & his gang on the first floor, and was all, hey, gonna be late!  Then they followed me to my math class.

This was supposed to be like some super hard complex math class, but all we were doing in the dream was drawing things.  Things that everyone else was having trouble drawing, but I had this little plastic thing that made it easier for me to draw....because the plastic thing was what we were supposed to be drawing, and I could just trace it.  The people following me had to do it too, I guess one of the rules was that they had to participate in class as well as just follow me around.  They weren't as smart though, and couldn't do it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

4 dreams...

First up is a dream I had several days ago and have just been too lazy to write up.  Then are three that I had last night.

I was somewhere, maybe some camp or something, and there was this old kind of creepy guy.  There was a little bridge, like the kind you get to go over the storm water in your back yard garden, or the type they use for crossing over at boy scouts or girl scouts.  It was sitting in front of a small pond, and on the other side was a little gazebo thing that was partially enclosed.  There was some pretty dense bushes in the general area from the 2nd half of the pond back past the gazebo.  There were little pumpkins scattered on the ground.
The guy told me to pick a pumpkin and take it into the gazebo, and that then I could talk to the spirit of the rabbit that was living in the pumpkin.  So I picked a pumpkin, and went down one of the paths that led to the back of the gazebo, and set it down on a railing, and I found out about the life of some random bunny.

...which reminds me of another dream:
At some point in the past couple of weeks, I had a dream that Pinto, a.k.a. Bunny had died, and I was so, so, so sad.  And then I was all, "Oh no! Girl Bunny! [a.k.a. Millie] she must be so sad too!"  And then I went and cuddled with Girl Bunny and kept being sad about Bunny dying. :(

First dream from last night:
There was a bag of clothes that were ready to be donated to the Salvation Army that were sitting on a chair by the front door.  On the back of the chair was one of my favorite jackets that I was going to wear.  I went to the closet to look for a scarf to wear, and dad went and took the bag and the jacket and took it without me knowing.  Then I had to find a different jacket to wear and follow dad to the GIANT Salvation Army store, where they had already put it on a rack.  So then I had to dig through all the racks to try and find it.  Dunno if I ever did though, because then it switched to the next dream.

I was at a used bookstore with mom, and had a sudden need to find a very particular book.  It was a book that I apparently already owned, but that I needed to buy again (dunno, dreams are weird).  Of course, I didn't know the title, author, or what it was about, just a vague idea of what the cover looked like and that it was a hardcover book.  I started climbing on tables and looking through every single bookshelf trying to find it.  Unable to find it, we went home, where I went to my bookshelf and found it and pulled it out.  It looked nothing like what I had been describing.  Then we were in a car going somewhere, but I don't know where, because then the next dream happened.

I was in charge of this carwash with like two other people.  At this carwash, kids would come to drop off the cars, and I was responsible for keeping track of what kid went with which car, and also entertaining the kids while their cars were being washed.  Dunno where all the adults were.
So I had this little book of different activities that we could do, and of course the kid (who has a dog), wants to do some weird coin toss game, so I had to run around trying to find the coin toss things.  I couldn't find them, so I conferred with one of the people who was helping to run it, and she didn't know where the stuff was.  So I had to go back to the kid and explain that he couldn't do that activity.  Then he got sad, and sat on the ground, and his dog got kind of angry, and started gnawing on my hand.  It wasn't painful or anything, just kinda.. weird.  Then I woke up.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two in one!

Last nigh I had two dreams!  The first was weird, the second was kind of exciting.

First dream:  It was like I was actually in a minecraft world.  I was in some tunnel/cave exploring and putting candles down and opening all the chests I found in there.  Then all of a sudden I was like, ow, my stomach hurt.  So I dug my way out of the left wall to the outside (only one block to go through, and somehow I knew that).  So I get out, and my sister is there.  Yup, in the dream I had a sister.  She was pretty awesome.  And so I told her my stomach hurt, and she was like, "Oh! Maybe you're pregnant too!"  And I'm just like "Um... what? No."  And it turns out that she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and two days later got an IUD and then missed her period and found out she was pregnant.  And I was like, "Wait, don't you have an IUD? How are you preggers?"  But it was the sex before it got put in that made her pregnant, and in her own words: "I got grandfathered in!"  (Because it happened before the IUD.)

So anyway, weird dream where I had a sister who was pregnant.  >.>

Second dream:  I was in someone's house, maybe my mom's house in the future, or some other relative's imaginary house.  They had like zero food, and I was hungry, so I went down to the basement to look for food down there.  I found a box that had like two tins of tuna*, so I brought the box upstairs to make the tuna.  Then I noticed that there was a book in the bottom of the box, so I took it out.

It was a Disney book from the 40's with glass and tissue paper pages.  Like, there'd be glass, and on either side would be tissue paper pages with the words and pictures on it.  Because apparently, before books were made out of paper, they were made out of sheets of glass (covers were like the covers on golden books).  So then I get all excited about how I found this old book in perfect condition, when I notice there is a photograph in the bottom of the box also.  It looks like it was taken at Christmas.  It had my grandpa sitting in a chair, and then my uncle is on the floor.  There is another person in the picture who was the same uncle, but that doesn't make sense.  My uncle is wearing pretty neat looking glasses (titanium across the top, and then the rest are plastic... I know, that description is horrible, but they looked super cool in the dream), and the other guy who looks like he is also my uncle, but older and with a huge bushy grey beard, is wearing those giant hipster glasses.  But since my uncle can't be in the same photo twice, we're just gonna assume the guy with the beard is a stranger.

So then it's time for me to go to a park with my parents, my brother, his best friend, his best friend's parents and siblings, and one of my friends (not sure who).  We are at the park, because the parents have to meet a contractor to do work on both houses, and for some reason they had to drag all the kids along.

My friend and I are sitting off to the side, and she asks me about my brother's best friend's family and why they have so many kids.  I tell her that the parents had seven kids, and then they had to adopt two more because those kids' parents died in a car crash and the parents had been friends.  Then I showed her the stuff I found in the tuna box, and she was kind of intrigued, but apparently was not as interested in a glass book from the 40's as I was.

*The tuna was also from the 40's, so it was probably a good thing there was the book and photo to distract me.  60+ year old tuna does not sound tasty.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Computer Gym

I've really got to figure out a better way to start these than "Last night I had a dream where" or "The other day I had a dream and."  It's getting pretty boring and repetitive, especially when the whole blog is about dreams I had the other day or last night or yesterday or six years ago.......

Anyway,  yesterday I had a dream.  There was a huge gymnasium (think high school gym) that had those 3'x5' tables in rows across the whole width, with aisles on the ends.  Each table had a desktop and a chair, so it was like a gym that turned into a computer lab, but with a 5' table for each computer.

However, the tables were all laid out to form a maze, so if you wanted to get to a free computer, you'd have to go past a million others since they weren't just laid out in straight lines.  Then, to make matters worse, whenever the computer repair guys had to work on a table, they'd put ice on the floor in front of the table of the computer that needed work, so if there was a broke table in the way of you getting to a free computer, you'd have to find another way around.  And some of the tables were just empty with no computers.

Also, it's weird how you feel like dreams last forever while you're in them, but then when you try to explain them, it takes like two tiny paragraphs.  And then the dreams that are really short take forever to explain properly.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gangnam Style

So the other day I had a dream, but then I got lazy and didn't write it up immediately.

Brent and Sydney and I were all in the same class together, along with one of my friends from elementary school.  The teacher made us all sit alphabetically, which I know because Brent was on the other side of the room and Sydney was one row over from me.  But that doesn't really matter to the dream, I just thought it was neat that my brain automatically alphabetized us.  My elementary school friend was two rows over and back a bit, which also is about right.

Anyway, it's the end of class, and Brent and Sydney leave, and I go talk to my elementary school friend (who shall remain nameless because she and I haven't talked in like.... at least six years).

"Me and Brent and Sydney and Toastie* are going to go to place after school.  Do you want to come too?"

"I can't even put real names to faces on your friends.  What makes you think I know who Toastie is?" She then walked off annoyed.  I guess she didn't want to go to place with us, where ever that was.

Then I walk out of the classroom and Brent is waiting because we have the same class together next, and it's downstairs.  We then proceed to gangnam style** down the stairs, holding on to the railing.  Apparently this is the best way ever to go down stairs because everyone else is staring at us and we're laughing our heads off.

The end!

*Toastie is the name Keegan uses on a video game.

**This is also hilarious because I CAN NOT DANCE.  It's what he's doing at 1:26 in the video, cepts with both hands holding on to the railing and going down stairs.