Saturday, October 27, 2012

Level 5 Math Class

I actually had this last week, but got lazy about writing it up.  This dream took place in my high school, during what appeared to be senior year.  

It started and I was at home, running slightly late for school.   The doorbell rang, and it was this group of three adults who were supposed to follow me around for the day.  The one in charge looked kind of like NPH.  I said hi to them, and ran out to my car, expecting that if they'd want to actually follow me around all day, that they were perfectly capable of doing so without me changing how I did things.  Then they rushed off to get in their car, and I drove to school.  They were pretty good at following till we got to school & parked, when I took off really fast to get to class.

First class was a science (I think bio) class in the basement of the school.  It was a typically boring class, and afterward, I stopped to talk to James in the hall for a bit.  Somehow this made the people lose track of me.  After we'd been chatting a while, I checked my schedule (apparently this was also the first day of class for the year or something), and found out that my next class was the 5th level math class that also happened to be on the 5th floor.  So then I took off running to make it to class on time, and ran into NPH & his gang on the first floor, and was all, hey, gonna be late!  Then they followed me to my math class.

This was supposed to be like some super hard complex math class, but all we were doing in the dream was drawing things.  Things that everyone else was having trouble drawing, but I had this little plastic thing that made it easier for me to draw....because the plastic thing was what we were supposed to be drawing, and I could just trace it.  The people following me had to do it too, I guess one of the rules was that they had to participate in class as well as just follow me around.  They weren't as smart though, and couldn't do it.

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