Friday, October 5, 2012

Computer Gym

I've really got to figure out a better way to start these than "Last night I had a dream where" or "The other day I had a dream and."  It's getting pretty boring and repetitive, especially when the whole blog is about dreams I had the other day or last night or yesterday or six years ago.......

Anyway,  yesterday I had a dream.  There was a huge gymnasium (think high school gym) that had those 3'x5' tables in rows across the whole width, with aisles on the ends.  Each table had a desktop and a chair, so it was like a gym that turned into a computer lab, but with a 5' table for each computer.

However, the tables were all laid out to form a maze, so if you wanted to get to a free computer, you'd have to go past a million others since they weren't just laid out in straight lines.  Then, to make matters worse, whenever the computer repair guys had to work on a table, they'd put ice on the floor in front of the table of the computer that needed work, so if there was a broke table in the way of you getting to a free computer, you'd have to find another way around.  And some of the tables were just empty with no computers.

Also, it's weird how you feel like dreams last forever while you're in them, but then when you try to explain them, it takes like two tiny paragraphs.  And then the dreams that are really short take forever to explain properly.

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