Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two in one!

Last nigh I had two dreams!  The first was weird, the second was kind of exciting.

First dream:  It was like I was actually in a minecraft world.  I was in some tunnel/cave exploring and putting candles down and opening all the chests I found in there.  Then all of a sudden I was like, ow, my stomach hurt.  So I dug my way out of the left wall to the outside (only one block to go through, and somehow I knew that).  So I get out, and my sister is there.  Yup, in the dream I had a sister.  She was pretty awesome.  And so I told her my stomach hurt, and she was like, "Oh! Maybe you're pregnant too!"  And I'm just like "Um... what? No."  And it turns out that she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and two days later got an IUD and then missed her period and found out she was pregnant.  And I was like, "Wait, don't you have an IUD? How are you preggers?"  But it was the sex before it got put in that made her pregnant, and in her own words: "I got grandfathered in!"  (Because it happened before the IUD.)

So anyway, weird dream where I had a sister who was pregnant.  >.>

Second dream:  I was in someone's house, maybe my mom's house in the future, or some other relative's imaginary house.  They had like zero food, and I was hungry, so I went down to the basement to look for food down there.  I found a box that had like two tins of tuna*, so I brought the box upstairs to make the tuna.  Then I noticed that there was a book in the bottom of the box, so I took it out.

It was a Disney book from the 40's with glass and tissue paper pages.  Like, there'd be glass, and on either side would be tissue paper pages with the words and pictures on it.  Because apparently, before books were made out of paper, they were made out of sheets of glass (covers were like the covers on golden books).  So then I get all excited about how I found this old book in perfect condition, when I notice there is a photograph in the bottom of the box also.  It looks like it was taken at Christmas.  It had my grandpa sitting in a chair, and then my uncle is on the floor.  There is another person in the picture who was the same uncle, but that doesn't make sense.  My uncle is wearing pretty neat looking glasses (titanium across the top, and then the rest are plastic... I know, that description is horrible, but they looked super cool in the dream), and the other guy who looks like he is also my uncle, but older and with a huge bushy grey beard, is wearing those giant hipster glasses.  But since my uncle can't be in the same photo twice, we're just gonna assume the guy with the beard is a stranger.

So then it's time for me to go to a park with my parents, my brother, his best friend, his best friend's parents and siblings, and one of my friends (not sure who).  We are at the park, because the parents have to meet a contractor to do work on both houses, and for some reason they had to drag all the kids along.

My friend and I are sitting off to the side, and she asks me about my brother's best friend's family and why they have so many kids.  I tell her that the parents had seven kids, and then they had to adopt two more because those kids' parents died in a car crash and the parents had been friends.  Then I showed her the stuff I found in the tuna box, and she was kind of intrigued, but apparently was not as interested in a glass book from the 40's as I was.

*The tuna was also from the 40's, so it was probably a good thing there was the book and photo to distract me.  60+ year old tuna does not sound tasty.

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