Thursday, November 7, 2013

I had a dream last night.

I was on a bus going somewhere, or maybe it was a wagon with windows.

Somebody was riding a giant horse, and the horse (really more like elephant sized) put it's nose up against one of the windows and smudged it.

The bus/wagon was going through a field- there were people working the rows to plant seeds, or maybe they were watering baby plants.

Some rows had string going along them, to prevent you from walking across them.

At the end of one row was a man with a big sad lion on a leash.

In the distance and elephant was frolicking with another giant horse.

I am not doing drugs, I swear.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

James Bond meets Arrested Development meets Tower Heist

Last night, I had Tower Heist on tv in the background.  If you're not familiar with it, rich guy steals money from workers in the apartment/condo building, and they steal it back.  There's a bunch of sneaking around.

Then, last night, I had a dream where I was James Bond.  I was visiting this pretty fancy estate with some other male friend, who was not as adept at sneaking around and spying as I was.  For some reason, we needed to scope out one particular bedroom before we could rob it/ re-appropriate the belongings/ return things to people they belonged to.

We were ready to sneak back out, and so I just did one of those neat little sneaky rolls across the hallway (assuming no one was there to see, luckily there wasn't anyone).  I got across, and hid behind the door to the super big staircase across the hall.  My accomplice was still in the bedroom, afraid to come out, because now someone was in the hallway, and if he came out, he'd be caught!  He knew there was someone coming because he had the door open a crack and peeked out before getting out.

I ducked back behind the left door to the stairs, and was standing there when Lucille 2 came through the right door.  She was being all Lucille 2-like, and knew that I was there, and needed my help to get down the stairs because she was suffering from another bout of vertigo.

Once I took her arm to escort her down the stairs, my accomplice snuck out of the bedroom we had been scoping out, and went... somewhere else.

I feel like there was a lot more to this dream, but right now this is all I remember of it.  If I suddenly have an epiphany, I'll come back and edit this.

Walking to Disney, via. Seattle

A couple weeks ago, back when I posted a whole bunch of dreams on the same night, I had another one.... (gotta find a better way to start these things off.. 'I had a dream' durrr, of course I did, that's the point of the blog).  But at the time, I was tired of typing them up, and decided to save this one for later, and now it is later, so here it is:

A whole bunch of people at Georgia Tech decided that it would be a good idea to walk to Disney World.  This was a perfectly sane idea, it was kind of like we were all just walking to the football stadium on the other side of campus or something...

However, my geography was messed up again, as it tends to be in my dreams.  In order to get to Disney (the one in Florida), we had to go through Seattle.... Yes, the Seattle that is in the complete opposite corner of the country.  But.... whatever.  It's a dream, let's just roll with it.

So I was in a crowd of people, walking.  Didn't really know anyone around me, although eventually I think I did meet up with Sydney.

We arrived in Seattle, and went to a hotel, one of those big rooms you can rent out, and where they'll put out fruit platters and other crappy, typical finger foods.  We went in one of those rooms, where we met up with my family, and a bunch of other people.  I guess this was supposed to be kind of a meet and greet thing?  Not sure.  Everyone was eventually planning on going to Disney though.  It was late afternoon/early evening by this point. (No idea how long we had been walking for though.)  Most people decided that they would just go on to Disney (which was somehow just a mile or two away on the other side of downtown Seattle, but also in Florida, and also I'm like 99% sure the Seattle in my head is 0% identical to the real one) the next day, but Sydney and I and some other random guy we were hanging out with all decided that we'd just continue on that night since it was still light out, and since it wasn't that bad of a neighborhood.

So we left the hotel, and walked down the street.  Let me attempt to make a map for you.

It is a crappy map, because I spent like three minutes on it.  But basically, we just had to walk down a street surrounded on either side by really tall, grey, slightly eerie buildings. 

You would think that the most trouble we'd have would be getting mugged, right?  Or maybe shot?  Creepy street in a strange city?  Nope.

Not at all.

For some reason, we decided it would make so much more sense to go in one of the buildings and go halfway up to get to Disney.

So we found ourselves probably like 15 floors up in a building on the right side of the street.  

Then, suddenly, like as happens often in dreams, the stairs we just came up were suddenly not there, just a big empty tower of air, so we would pretty much die if we went back that way.

We decided to keep going up... and got up to the roof.  Turns out, this building was a rectangle, not a square shape when viewed from the top.  Also, the two buildings on either side of it were much taller, like probably another 10-20 floors taller.

This building, or at least the roof, was only like, 30 feet along the short edge (Who builds something like that?  Really?).  It was also really windy.  And looked like it was about to start raining.

Somewhere along the way, the guy we were with disappeared, I think he went to explore one of the floors in the building or something.  But me & Sydney were the only ones up there, and we were high enough that people on the ground wouldn't hear us shouting for help, and there weren't any windows in the sides of the adjacent buildings, and the other side of the street was really far away...

So, we were basically stuck, because of course, the door on to the roof was no longer there.

Sydney immediately gave up all hope of ever being rescued, and sat down, opened the can of spaghetti-o's she had with her (why, Sydney, why??), and ate it.  Even though it was the only food we had.  Just ate it all right then.  She went a bit crazy, and was all, 'look, I can use the lid as a picture frame for this picture of my boyfriend!'  (It was not the best picture frame ever made).

There was a rope hanging down from the roof of one of the adjacent buildings, and I figured that if we could get the rope down, it would be long enough for us to each rappel down over opposite sides of the building, and then one of us would just have to walk along the street on the other side of the building (which didn't have street lights, was really creepy, and probably did not lead to Disney).  (Couldn't just go around the building back to the street we were originally on because there wasn't room to walk between the buildings.)   But I couldn't figure out how to get the rope down, so that didn't happen.

I feel like then there were groups of really mean, jerky guys (you know the type, the assholes of high school) standing on the roofs of the adjacent buildings making fun of us being stuck, and not helping us get up/down/off the roof/into the building, but if that really happened, it was just for a bit at the end of the dream before I woke up.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Moving Again

I seem to have a lot of dreams where I worry about moving, or freak out about something related to moving, etc.

In this dream, my closet exploded, and I had SO MANY CLOTHES.  They were everywhere.  Didn't help that instead of just packing them all up, I decided to sort them out as to what I wanted to keep & what I wanted to donate.  This led to even more of a mess, since now they weren't even folded.

Bunny wandered in to the doorway with a piece of parsley in his mouth, and looked at me, all confused about what the commotion was about.

Eventually I got things packed up all neatly into rubbermaids, and it was kind of ok.. Except for the whole moving thing.  That always sucks.

The Trouble with Tribbles

I was exploring in a forest with some people, when we came upon a field.  There was a wooden fence running through part of it (the kind with two railings... you know, typical wooden fence).  Scattered throughout the field were little fuzzy blobs.  One of the guys that was with me picked one of them up, and it started vibrating.  We were all really excited/confused, etc. about the vibrating fuzzy things, and were talking to each other more than we were paying attention to the vibrating fuzzball.

Then the guy who picked up the fuzzball kind of focused more on the fuzzball rather than the rest of us, and was able to 'open his mind' corny as that sounds.  Turns out the fuzzballs communicated telepathically when they vibrated!  And they were all just full of happy thoughts and happiness and they were awesome!  But they were just sitting around in a field in the middle of a forest.

Later, we got back and looked up on a map, and it turned out that the land we found them on belonged to the government, and that logically, the fuzzballs (that kind of looked like tribbles, but not quite as rotund) were a government experiment.  There was some other government owned land near where we found the fuzzballs, and we planned to explore it some other time to see if there were more fuzzballs.

In which Jake's cousins are Jerks.

Jake and I were living in a fancy apartment that had an abnoxiously huge bathroom.  As in, it was like a whole room.  And the shower was completely separate from the rest of the bathroom, so it wasn't weird to have someone else in there using it while you were in the shower.

Anyway, I was taking a shower, when Jake's two female, sporty-jock-type cousins showed up.  They had just showed up to stay with us for a couple of days (I suppose).  Jake was giving them a tour of the apartment, and had finished it up with the bathroom.  He left to go take care of something in the kitchen, and the two cousins (who were tall and sporty and had awesome hair) were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the bathroom, and they saw our fancy towels, and were like "Ooh, I hope we get to use these!" "They're so soft!"  But by then I was finished with my shower, and stuck my head out, and was like, "actually, that's my towel."  And they immediately dropped the towels on the ground, and were all "ew! We touched her towel!"  Then they scampered off, and I was left to pick my towel up off the ground.

Later I cornered Jake and told him how his cousins had acted, and he didn't really believe that they were that mean to me.  He kept telling me to give them a chance, but it was useless, because they were those type of girls, the kind that are mean to other girls, and the kind of mean that only other girls notice is happening.

Not a fun dream.

Disclaimer: Jake actually doesn't have any cousins like this.  His real life cousins are nice.

Wrong Train

Disclaimer:  I had this dream like two months ago, and now remember only a little bit of it.  But it was pretty awesome.

In this dream, I was in a wheelchair for some reason.  Broken leg maybe.  I was also in this country (pretty sure it wasn't Canada this time) where it was super snowy all over.  I needed to catch a train to the airport, but because it was rush hour and I didn't know where I was going, I ended up getting on the wrong one.  I realized this when I noticed the train heading west out of town instead of south.  (I guess the city was kind of oval shaped, so it was really obvious when it headed out of town and into the wilderness, instead of heading south through the rest of town.)  Anyway, it turned out the train was heading to the next city over, that was like ~60 miles away or something.  So, because it was a really fast train, I could just stay on it and still get back to the airport before my flight since I had budgeted a lot of extra time.

So I'm on the train, and then I think it crashed? Somehow I was suddenly not on the train anymore, and in the snow.  Which is weird, because the snow was probably like 20 feet deep, and there was only enough plowed for the train to get through.  Anyway, I was out in the snow, and then it was like there was an old fantasy land half buried in the snow.  Not like a fantasy *waves fingers* land, more like an amusement park.  And it was all ruined and kind of need, but also probably dangerous since it was old and abandoned and half buried in the snow.

I think then someone on a snowmobile came by and picked me up & brought me back to one of the cities, but I really don't remember what happened anymore.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lambert's Party...

Last weekend I had a dream where I was at some party Lambert was throwing.  It was in a house, but it didn't have normal house-type bathrooms.  Instead, they were like when you go to the bathroom in public and there are several stalls in the same room.  At some point during the party, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, but since this was the first time at Lambert's house, I asked him where it was.
Surprisingly, there wasn't a ladies room.  Just a men's room.  But I had to go bad enough that I just said screw it, I'll use the men's room.  It had four stalls, and they all had something wrong with them.  Two were out of toilet paper.  One didn't flush.  The last one's door didn't close all the way.
Not sure which one I ended up using, but I remember that I bugged Lambert about why he didn't have a normal bathroom in his house, since it was a house and not a building requiring multiple toilets.  Don't think he had an answer.

Also, the party had like a hundred people at it.  It was absolutely packed.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

But what about the goat?!?!

A few days ago, I had a dream where Jake and I were flying back to the US from Scotland.  We had a choice of two routes, both had layovers and took about the same amount of time.  One of them stopped over at Easter Island, and gave you enough time to get out and explore a bit before continuing on to the US.

Now, you're probably asking me how this makes any sense, because Easter Island is nowhere near on the way from Scotland to the US.  It's not only in the wrong hemisphere, it's in the wrong ocean.

But you are forgetting how my brain works.  As I am beginning to believe from dreams I've been having recently, my subconscious thinks that EVERYWHERE should be where Canada is.  There was the dream where we road-tripped up to Scotland, there was the dream where I flew to the mysterious Hanavar.... and now the dream where I stopped by Easter Island.

Although, I do have to admit, that at least in this dream Scotland was where it belonged, over next to Europe.  Because I know this, there won't be an addition to my Brain-Canada map drawing, since then the flight plan would make even less sense.

So here is a rough screen capture of where Easter Island was in my head, and our flight plans.

Now for the actual dream.

We (Jake and I) were in Scotland, and the people at the airport check-in gave us two options.  We chose the Easter Island one, because, hey, more vacation for our money!

We landed at Easter Island, and got to leave all our luggage on the plane, which was nice, because we didn't have to worry about it at all.  We were walking around (landscape looked suspiciously like Scotland), and found a goat.  It had a collar, so we were like, lets take it with us!  And it just kind of followed us around, occasionally we'd tug on its collar to make it follow us if it stopped to eat or something.

Got to this weird area.  There was gently sloping land (just open grassland), and there was a rickety rope/wood bridge going across this opening- dropped down maybe 20-30 feet to a small pond or something.  The opening was circular, and the land sloped so that the opening was angled.  Left side of the opening was probably 20 feet higher than the middle, and the right side would be probably another 10-15 feet lower, except for a weird outcropping of rock that came from the right side and went up ~8 ft and then extended over the circle about a third.  The bridge was a third of the way in from the right side, and went across the circle, under the rock outcrop.  (So, if you were standing in the middle of the bridge, and looked to the left side of the hole, you'd just see the vertical wall that then slopes down along the edges of the circle to where the bridge meets the edges.  If you looked right, you'd see the vertical wall coming up and then arching over your head, and past it ~1 ft.)  If my artistic ability was able to handle more than squares and drawing flight paths, I'd just draw this, but I suck at drawing, so you get this crappy description instead.

Anyway, we got to the bridge, and for whatever reason, decided we waned to go across it instead of around the pond/hole.  The goat REFUSED to move.  It did not like the bridge and wanted no part of our shenanigans.

And that is where the dream ends.

When I woke up, I was like, "I should tell Jake about this dream."  But then I forgot.  That night, I had another dream where I was just freaking out about "what happened to the goat!?" all because I hadn't told real-life Jake about the dream goat.

Moral of the Manda-brain: Tell Jake about the goat dreams, or they'll bug you till you do.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Krispy Kreme Sale!

This dream was delicious.

I was at a Krispy Kreme that Barry worked at with Sheree and two other people that I just can't figure out who they were.  KK was having a March sale, where you started out with a 'buy one donut, get one free' coupon, and then you turn that one in, and you'd get a 'buy a half dozen, get a half dozen free' coupon, and when you turned that one in you'd get a 'buy a dozen, get a dozen free' coupon, etc.

Somehow, I had skipped the smaller coupons (or had used them previous to this KK visit), and turned in my 'buy a dozen, get a dozen' coupon to get a dozen regular KK donuts, and a dozen of these chocolate-ginger/some other holiday spice limited time donuts that were apparently the best thing ever.   I took my boxes and went back over to sit down with Sheree and the other people.  We didn't eat them or anything, just had the box sitting there and we were talking.  Then Barry walked over and started chatting with us about donuts.  I was super excited (probably all the sugar in the air, I'm surprised Sheree wasn't crazier) and wanted to go look at all the donuts in the display case, so Barry went with me.

While I was up there talking to him, a family came in and bought a dozen donuts and some muffins/cupcakes.  I feel like they were muffins, but there was definitely frosting on top, so they must have been cupcakes.  I didn't know they sold cupcakes, and Barry was like, "yup!" and showed me all the kinds they had.  Apparently the lady in the family had picked out the 'mother's day cupcake' which had caramel frosting, and someone else in that family had gotten a chocolate one.  These were giant cupcakes.  Easily 4-5" across.  So then I decided to get some cupcakes, and magically had the appropriate coupon to get one free.  The guy at the register was like, "you know, all these coupons expire tomorrow (St. Patrick's Day), and I doubt we'll get many people in, so here, you can have all these," and handed me a stack of coupons that was about an inch thick.  Cue more excitement!  Went back to sit down with Sheree and showed them my coupons, and then Sheree wanted to get cupcakes too, and then everyone I was with wanted free donuts, and so we had a giant pile of donut boxes.

It was a delicious dream, and the first thing I did when I got up was to check and see where the nearest KK was.  And then realize that even if we did go to it, the chocolate/holiday spice donuts were imaginary and I wouldn't be able to eat them anyway.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Party at Weggies

Had two dreams the other day that were related.

In the first one, James and I got dropped off at the grocery store by our moms for whatever reason.  After we were done shopping (I assume, although we didn't have any bags with us), we went back out to wait for our ride to pick us up.  It was cold and snowy and gross out, and I was going to go back and wait in the lobby-ish area, when James noticed that the car we were standing next to was unlocked.  He was like, no, look, we can wait in this car.  He walked around to the driver's side and got in.  I was torn between waiting with him and walking back across the slushy parking lot to the store, and gave in and got in the car with him.  Somehow he got it started (with no key and no hot-wiring) and started driving off in it.  I yelled at him that he couldn't steal a car, and he was all, 'Amanda, you're no fun.'  He turned back around and parked the car in a different parking space from where we found it.

That would seem to be the end of the dream, but given that the second one also took place at the grocery store, I feel like it was more of a prequel dream.

In the second dream, I was wandering around the grocery store (which I'm just assuming is Weggies, since it's kind of the best grocery store) with Sheree and Jake.  We came across a whole bunch of other people there.  I guess we must have been meeting up just to hang out, but were buying lunch from Weggies and eating it there?  Not entirely sure.  Anyway, there were a ton of people, including Belinda, Aleeza, James, etc. all sitting together at a table meant for not as many people as were sitting at it, and I'm pretty sure we were all just waiting for our parents to come pick us up.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trip to Hanavar, Canada

Last night I had another dream that tried to convince me that I had gotten an offer for that job I want.

I was on an airplane with my brother, and got a phone call from a recruiter/HR person asking me to fill out some more paperwork so they could run a background check on me.  Then I got excited since things were moving forward.

Anyway, then the plane landed in Canada, in a place that I think was called Hanover, but spelled Hanavar.  It was kind of a weird town that had an airport and a train station and a functioning castle and possibly royalty, but then it also had a not fantastic school district.

We were going to Hanavar to attend an awards ceremony because dad was getting one for something. Before the actual ceremony there was a buffet dinner, with an absolutely enormous line.  As in, there were hundreds of people in it.  So Kevin and I snuck out to explore the city/town of Hanavar.  We found a middle school that was open- it looked like at least parts of it were built of sticks and mud, but we went in just to check it out.  There was tons of awesome kid-artwork covering all the walls, and we ran into a really friendly teacher who told us about how awesome the teachers and kids were, but how they wished they could afford a better building/teaching materials, etc..

After chatting with her, we realized that we should probably get back to the awards ceremony/banquet. We were able to get back in line behind mom & dad, next to Aline.  Aline was there to hang out (also possibly because dad had an extra ticket, and who wouldn't want to go to Hanavar?), and had been chatting with dad about whatever his award was for to distract him from noticing that Kevin and I had run off for a half hour.  We got back in line and passed it off as having gone looking for the restrooms.

That was pretty much the end of the dream.  I feel like Aline played a bigger part in it than just holding our place in line, but I know that it was Kevin on the airplane and running around the school with me.  And I really didn't do this dream any justice with my explanations, because it was so colorful and fantastic, so I'm going to try and find some pictures that explain it better.

This is where Hanavar is in Canada.  Note that I have included my previous modification to Canada's geography in this map, so that you can keep track of where I've been.  I have also demolished a lot of Canada.

The plane was flying in, and I was sitting on the right side of the plane, so looking down on Hanavar when approaching from the south-west, the castle and most of the town is sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a lake.  The other side of the lake has mountains all around it, and there's snow everywhere.  The castle kind of looks like this one,

...if it were sitting on the little peak that's about a quarter of the way in from the left of this photo:

...and if it had a town around it and there was a lake between that mountain and the mountains in the background of that picture.

I tried finding a picture of the town/school, but didn't see anything that reminded me of them.  Also, dad was totally wearing one of those awesome totally decked out royal outfits- you know the type, gold with the red/blue sash and all the medals?  Pretty awesome.

Castle source.
Mountain source.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Banana Muffins and Buying a House

Last week, I had two dreams.  Unfortunately I've waited too long to write them up, so they aren't nearly as detailed as they should be.

In the first dream, I was in some sort of classroom.*  I think that the class was going to have some sort of holiday party or something, because people were being assigned food to bring in.  Somehow it ended up that James and I were responsible for bringing banana muffins.  Now, normally I make them from scratch, but in the dream, they were being made from box-mixes.  Also, we each had to make/bring ONLY six.  This resulted in a giant argument, because that meant that we'd both have to buy a box, and use half an egg, and why couldn't James come over so we could use one box and make all 12 at the same time?  But there's dream-logic for you.  Each had to use half a box and toss the extra. Couldn't even make a dozen and keep half for myself.
There was some more stuff that happened after that, but I don't remember it.

Second dream:

I was attending Penn State* and trying to find someplace to live.  My aunt and uncle lived like 15-20 minutes away and were thinking of moving, so I was going to buy their house and live there. (IRL, they do not live anywhere near Penn State.)  Anyway, they were out of the house (shopping? on vacation?) and I was visiting, just kind of checking it out and seeing what kind of changes (paint) I'd want to make when I moved in.  All their stuff was still there.  All of a sudden, I hear someone knocking on the door, so I went downstairs, and it was a real estate agent with a couple who wanted to look at the house.  I was just like, um, no, go away, I'm buying this house, so you don't need to look at it.  But at that moment, a random girl shows up, and said that she could show them around, it'd be no problem!  Apparently she was renting a room that I hadn't gotten around to looking in yet, and knew that the house was going to get sold, but she just figured she'd keep renting her room from the new owner.  Lots of mis-communication going on.  Eventually things got sorted, and I bought the house and the girl kept renting her room.  Kind of a boring dream.

Then, earlier this week, I had the following dream, which kind of ruined my day.  Just some background info- I've been trying to find a job, and keep getting turned down, and am waiting to hear back from the company that stars in this dream.

I got a call from the hiring manager, saying that they wanted to offer me the job, and could I start on Monday?  I of course, accepted the offer, and went to work.  The company kind of turned out (in the dream) to be kind of a weird oil-services kind of company.  I got a tour of the office area from a girl, and then she took me out to see the other buildings.  One that we went to was knee-deep with a really thick mud.  The workers in the building were collecting something (water? thats what it kind of looked like) from pipes that came down from the ceiling, and everyone was really muddy.  But they were all happy and enjoyed their jobs.  Now, the workers were all dressed for this, but I was wearing nice pants and flats... so I'm pretty sure I lost the flats in the mud.

That's really all I remember of that one because I just got pissed when I woke up that I didn't actually have the job. :(

*Why so many dreams about school? I'm graduated!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weirdest Ice Breaker Ever.

So this dream I guess takes place in high school, since it only had people from high school in it, but we were closer to being the age we are now rather than high school aged.

There was a giant classroom with probably close to 200 people in it.  The center of the classroom was basically a giant rectangular pit, about 30' wide by 60' long, and probably 20' deep.  The desks were the typical one armed desks everyone had in high school, and were arranged in rows of 4 facing the pit.

The teacher (who I think was that 8th grade social studies teacher we had who locked a class in the classroom one time, don't remember her name) had a bucket with slips of paper with everyone's names on them.  Once everyone had them, we were supposed to find our partner.  (Now that I'm awake, this seems weird because that would mean that the person whose name you have wouldn't necessarily have your name, but thats how it worked in the dream... or at least, that's how it was supposed to work.)

The name I drew was something like 'Bunni Smith,' I am 100% positive on the first name (and the spelling), and I know the last name was something common.  Most of the students knew each other so it was easy to find your partner, but  there were some unfamiliar faces.  There was one girl a few rows over from me that looked like she might be a Bunni, so I asked her if she was, and she was like, no, I think that she sits over there (on the other side of the pit).  But by the time I started heading over to the other side of the room, nearly everyone had found their partner and was sitting down with them.  The teacher called the last six of us without partners over to her and paired us up.  Not sure who three of the people were, but James, Barry and I were in the group.  I ended up getting paired with James.

The point of this whole exercise was to do an ice breaker activity, which is weird when most of the people already know each other.  But this was no ordinary ice breaker.  At the bottom of the pit was a pool.  The pool had all these ball bearings floating on top of it, and somehow a subwoofer was involved.  The teacher had us all line up around the edge of the pit and flipped a switch or something.  The lights turned off and it got all disco-y and when the subwoofer thumped, the ball bearings would jump and change what shape they were making.  The teacher explained that we were to get to know our partners and find out something new & unique about them to share with the class.  We would then have to take that fact and somehow incorporate it into a ball bearing performance, which would involve figuring out how to program it to work.

Of course, then everyone started talking about how friggin impossible this would be- not only to program ball bearings to do what you want (while floating on water), but the teacher wasn't supplying us with any information on how this would be accomplished, so we would have to research it individually, and oh, by the way, it's due in a week!

I don't really know what I learned that was new about James, but I think we decided I'd make something about how he likes the Civil War.

That's it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boozy Dog Race

Jake and I were at a race track (think horse racing) but it was only about the size of a high school track/ football stadium.  There were little dogs, perhaps chihuahuas, although I feel like they were a bit bigger and definitely didn't have the chihuahua heads.  They all had these neat little harnesses on that weighed them down.  Before the race stared, fuses were lit that connected to the harnesses, once the fuse got to the harness, it melted something inside (solder/wax) that had a low melting point.  This released the heavy part of the weight from the harness so the dogs could take off.  They all had on different neon colored harnesses to tell them apart.

I was (for some ungodly reason) betting on the salmon colored one and Jake was betting on the neon yellow one.  Only one person was allowed to bet on a dog at a time.

When the dogs got to the finish line, the announcer guy called out that the magenta, salmon and yellow dogs had won, and for the people who bet on them to come down to the finish line for their Manhattans.  The drinks were in glasses that matched the color of the dogs.  I guess I grabbed the wrong one, because then there was a group of sorority-type girls grouped around the girl who had bet on the magenta dog, and she had the salmon glass, but it's not like it mattered because all three of us got the same drink.

Also, I think at some point the drinks were strapped to the dogs heads, but I think that the sorority girls may have just been trying to see if the dog was talented at balancing things on its head, because Jake and I picked ours up from a railing nearby.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scotland and Stupid Sticky Notes

Let me start off by saying that despite not posting for almost a month, I have been having a ton of dreams.  The problem has been that I'll have one, wake up when it's over in the middle of the night, think it over, and decide that yes, I'll be able to remember this in the morning.  Then I end up waking up and not remembering it at all, or remembering one tiny detail that is useless without the rest of the dream, and so not worth writing up.

Luckily, I had two dreams last night, both of which I remember.

The first one was about and epic trip to Scotland.  But a Scotland that was located much closer to Canada than England.  Let me draw you a map.

Anyway.  I was at home and hanging out with Elliott and Gary.  We decided that we wanted to do a ten day trip to Scotland, and kind of bounce around cities and sights and maybe do a little sightseeing in Canada too.  So we plotted out a route.  Somehow though, word got out to people.  And then EVERYONE wanted to go.  Let me list just a few of the people who were involved in this dream: Kevin, Erik, some more SciOly kids (mostly just the guys), Stephanie, Sydney, Aline, Sheree, some other random SWE girls, Juliana.....and there were probably another 20 people.

Originally we (Elliott, Gary and I) were planning on just staying at hostels.  But once the millions of people decided they all wanted to come, we had to switch to hotels.  But then that got expensive, so we decided that we would camp and drive around in RVs.  So then we had to gather up camping equipment and food and stuff and pack.  But my dream skipped over this part and straight to being in Scotland.

It was night time, and time to set up the tents.  However no one wanted to do it, and so it was a pain in the butt to make people do what they were supposed to be doing.  I feel like Erik was supposed to be in charge of organizing people to set up tents, but he was too busy playing with a computer, because I remember yelling at him about being distracted.

Then, once everything was set up and people had eaten, Juliana waltzes (literally, she was dancing) in, carrying a super elaborate wedding-looking cake.  Apparently it was her birthday and she got a super fancy cake* and was bringing us (Stephanie, Sydney, Aline, Sheree, other SWE girls) the leftovers.  It was really good cake though.  Then I assume everyone slept, because the next thing I remember, we're trying to get everyone to pack things up so we can all get in the RVs and go to the next place we wanted to visit.  But then people were complaining about not knowing where to put the plates and that they lost something and couldn't find it.

It was at that point I got fed up with people and woke up.

I debated getting up for good, but I was still kind of sleepy, so I decided to go back to sleep.

In my second dream, Jake and I lived in what I assume was an apartment, although it could have been a house, because we were having other people move in with us too, we had just been the first ones to get there.  We had already set up the living room to have bookshelves EVERYWHERE, and had already put most of our books on them.  Our new roommates were Aleeza and Thomas.  In my dream, I'm pretty sure Aleeza was single and Thomas had a crush on her.  Anyway, Aleeza moved in next, and claimed her own bookshelf.  Between the three of us, we pretty much had all the shelves filled.  Then Thomas showed up** and wanted to add his books to the collection, but there wasn't an empty bookshelf for him to claim, so he was going to have to spread his out on all the bookshelves and use the empty shelves that Jake, Aleeza and I weren't using.  Then I started freaking out about what if someone gets confused and moves out and steals all my books?!?!  So then I tried to find some sticky notes to label which shelves had whose books on them, but none of the sticky notes were sticky enough, and so I finally woke up because I was angry at the sticky notes not working. :(

*The cake kind of looked like this but it was square and kind of a shimmering gold with pink flowers on it and no bow on top.

**Thomas also came with some 11x17" artwork that he wanted me to frame and put on the walls, but there was like, no wall space in this room.