Tuesday, July 2, 2013

James Bond meets Arrested Development meets Tower Heist

Last night, I had Tower Heist on tv in the background.  If you're not familiar with it, rich guy steals money from workers in the apartment/condo building, and they steal it back.  There's a bunch of sneaking around.

Then, last night, I had a dream where I was James Bond.  I was visiting this pretty fancy estate with some other male friend, who was not as adept at sneaking around and spying as I was.  For some reason, we needed to scope out one particular bedroom before we could rob it/ re-appropriate the belongings/ return things to people they belonged to.

We were ready to sneak back out, and so I just did one of those neat little sneaky rolls across the hallway (assuming no one was there to see, luckily there wasn't anyone).  I got across, and hid behind the door to the super big staircase across the hall.  My accomplice was still in the bedroom, afraid to come out, because now someone was in the hallway, and if he came out, he'd be caught!  He knew there was someone coming because he had the door open a crack and peeked out before getting out.

I ducked back behind the left door to the stairs, and was standing there when Lucille 2 came through the right door.  She was being all Lucille 2-like, and knew that I was there, and needed my help to get down the stairs because she was suffering from another bout of vertigo.

Once I took her arm to escort her down the stairs, my accomplice snuck out of the bedroom we had been scoping out, and went... somewhere else.

I feel like there was a lot more to this dream, but right now this is all I remember of it.  If I suddenly have an epiphany, I'll come back and edit this.

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