Monday, June 17, 2013

Moving Again

I seem to have a lot of dreams where I worry about moving, or freak out about something related to moving, etc.

In this dream, my closet exploded, and I had SO MANY CLOTHES.  They were everywhere.  Didn't help that instead of just packing them all up, I decided to sort them out as to what I wanted to keep & what I wanted to donate.  This led to even more of a mess, since now they weren't even folded.

Bunny wandered in to the doorway with a piece of parsley in his mouth, and looked at me, all confused about what the commotion was about.

Eventually I got things packed up all neatly into rubbermaids, and it was kind of ok.. Except for the whole moving thing.  That always sucks.

The Trouble with Tribbles

I was exploring in a forest with some people, when we came upon a field.  There was a wooden fence running through part of it (the kind with two railings... you know, typical wooden fence).  Scattered throughout the field were little fuzzy blobs.  One of the guys that was with me picked one of them up, and it started vibrating.  We were all really excited/confused, etc. about the vibrating fuzzy things, and were talking to each other more than we were paying attention to the vibrating fuzzball.

Then the guy who picked up the fuzzball kind of focused more on the fuzzball rather than the rest of us, and was able to 'open his mind' corny as that sounds.  Turns out the fuzzballs communicated telepathically when they vibrated!  And they were all just full of happy thoughts and happiness and they were awesome!  But they were just sitting around in a field in the middle of a forest.

Later, we got back and looked up on a map, and it turned out that the land we found them on belonged to the government, and that logically, the fuzzballs (that kind of looked like tribbles, but not quite as rotund) were a government experiment.  There was some other government owned land near where we found the fuzzballs, and we planned to explore it some other time to see if there were more fuzzballs.

In which Jake's cousins are Jerks.

Jake and I were living in a fancy apartment that had an abnoxiously huge bathroom.  As in, it was like a whole room.  And the shower was completely separate from the rest of the bathroom, so it wasn't weird to have someone else in there using it while you were in the shower.

Anyway, I was taking a shower, when Jake's two female, sporty-jock-type cousins showed up.  They had just showed up to stay with us for a couple of days (I suppose).  Jake was giving them a tour of the apartment, and had finished it up with the bathroom.  He left to go take care of something in the kitchen, and the two cousins (who were tall and sporty and had awesome hair) were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the bathroom, and they saw our fancy towels, and were like "Ooh, I hope we get to use these!" "They're so soft!"  But by then I was finished with my shower, and stuck my head out, and was like, "actually, that's my towel."  And they immediately dropped the towels on the ground, and were all "ew! We touched her towel!"  Then they scampered off, and I was left to pick my towel up off the ground.

Later I cornered Jake and told him how his cousins had acted, and he didn't really believe that they were that mean to me.  He kept telling me to give them a chance, but it was useless, because they were those type of girls, the kind that are mean to other girls, and the kind of mean that only other girls notice is happening.

Not a fun dream.

Disclaimer: Jake actually doesn't have any cousins like this.  His real life cousins are nice.

Wrong Train

Disclaimer:  I had this dream like two months ago, and now remember only a little bit of it.  But it was pretty awesome.

In this dream, I was in a wheelchair for some reason.  Broken leg maybe.  I was also in this country (pretty sure it wasn't Canada this time) where it was super snowy all over.  I needed to catch a train to the airport, but because it was rush hour and I didn't know where I was going, I ended up getting on the wrong one.  I realized this when I noticed the train heading west out of town instead of south.  (I guess the city was kind of oval shaped, so it was really obvious when it headed out of town and into the wilderness, instead of heading south through the rest of town.)  Anyway, it turned out the train was heading to the next city over, that was like ~60 miles away or something.  So, because it was a really fast train, I could just stay on it and still get back to the airport before my flight since I had budgeted a lot of extra time.

So I'm on the train, and then I think it crashed? Somehow I was suddenly not on the train anymore, and in the snow.  Which is weird, because the snow was probably like 20 feet deep, and there was only enough plowed for the train to get through.  Anyway, I was out in the snow, and then it was like there was an old fantasy land half buried in the snow.  Not like a fantasy *waves fingers* land, more like an amusement park.  And it was all ruined and kind of need, but also probably dangerous since it was old and abandoned and half buried in the snow.

I think then someone on a snowmobile came by and picked me up & brought me back to one of the cities, but I really don't remember what happened anymore.