Monday, June 17, 2013

The Trouble with Tribbles

I was exploring in a forest with some people, when we came upon a field.  There was a wooden fence running through part of it (the kind with two railings... you know, typical wooden fence).  Scattered throughout the field were little fuzzy blobs.  One of the guys that was with me picked one of them up, and it started vibrating.  We were all really excited/confused, etc. about the vibrating fuzzy things, and were talking to each other more than we were paying attention to the vibrating fuzzball.

Then the guy who picked up the fuzzball kind of focused more on the fuzzball rather than the rest of us, and was able to 'open his mind' corny as that sounds.  Turns out the fuzzballs communicated telepathically when they vibrated!  And they were all just full of happy thoughts and happiness and they were awesome!  But they were just sitting around in a field in the middle of a forest.

Later, we got back and looked up on a map, and it turned out that the land we found them on belonged to the government, and that logically, the fuzzballs (that kind of looked like tribbles, but not quite as rotund) were a government experiment.  There was some other government owned land near where we found the fuzzballs, and we planned to explore it some other time to see if there were more fuzzballs.

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