Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walking to Disney, via. Seattle

A couple weeks ago, back when I posted a whole bunch of dreams on the same night, I had another one.... (gotta find a better way to start these things off.. 'I had a dream' durrr, of course I did, that's the point of the blog).  But at the time, I was tired of typing them up, and decided to save this one for later, and now it is later, so here it is:

A whole bunch of people at Georgia Tech decided that it would be a good idea to walk to Disney World.  This was a perfectly sane idea, it was kind of like we were all just walking to the football stadium on the other side of campus or something...

However, my geography was messed up again, as it tends to be in my dreams.  In order to get to Disney (the one in Florida), we had to go through Seattle.... Yes, the Seattle that is in the complete opposite corner of the country.  But.... whatever.  It's a dream, let's just roll with it.

So I was in a crowd of people, walking.  Didn't really know anyone around me, although eventually I think I did meet up with Sydney.

We arrived in Seattle, and went to a hotel, one of those big rooms you can rent out, and where they'll put out fruit platters and other crappy, typical finger foods.  We went in one of those rooms, where we met up with my family, and a bunch of other people.  I guess this was supposed to be kind of a meet and greet thing?  Not sure.  Everyone was eventually planning on going to Disney though.  It was late afternoon/early evening by this point. (No idea how long we had been walking for though.)  Most people decided that they would just go on to Disney (which was somehow just a mile or two away on the other side of downtown Seattle, but also in Florida, and also I'm like 99% sure the Seattle in my head is 0% identical to the real one) the next day, but Sydney and I and some other random guy we were hanging out with all decided that we'd just continue on that night since it was still light out, and since it wasn't that bad of a neighborhood.

So we left the hotel, and walked down the street.  Let me attempt to make a map for you.

It is a crappy map, because I spent like three minutes on it.  But basically, we just had to walk down a street surrounded on either side by really tall, grey, slightly eerie buildings. 

You would think that the most trouble we'd have would be getting mugged, right?  Or maybe shot?  Creepy street in a strange city?  Nope.

Not at all.

For some reason, we decided it would make so much more sense to go in one of the buildings and go halfway up to get to Disney.

So we found ourselves probably like 15 floors up in a building on the right side of the street.  

Then, suddenly, like as happens often in dreams, the stairs we just came up were suddenly not there, just a big empty tower of air, so we would pretty much die if we went back that way.

We decided to keep going up... and got up to the roof.  Turns out, this building was a rectangle, not a square shape when viewed from the top.  Also, the two buildings on either side of it were much taller, like probably another 10-20 floors taller.

This building, or at least the roof, was only like, 30 feet along the short edge (Who builds something like that?  Really?).  It was also really windy.  And looked like it was about to start raining.

Somewhere along the way, the guy we were with disappeared, I think he went to explore one of the floors in the building or something.  But me & Sydney were the only ones up there, and we were high enough that people on the ground wouldn't hear us shouting for help, and there weren't any windows in the sides of the adjacent buildings, and the other side of the street was really far away...

So, we were basically stuck, because of course, the door on to the roof was no longer there.

Sydney immediately gave up all hope of ever being rescued, and sat down, opened the can of spaghetti-o's she had with her (why, Sydney, why??), and ate it.  Even though it was the only food we had.  Just ate it all right then.  She went a bit crazy, and was all, 'look, I can use the lid as a picture frame for this picture of my boyfriend!'  (It was not the best picture frame ever made).

There was a rope hanging down from the roof of one of the adjacent buildings, and I figured that if we could get the rope down, it would be long enough for us to each rappel down over opposite sides of the building, and then one of us would just have to walk along the street on the other side of the building (which didn't have street lights, was really creepy, and probably did not lead to Disney).  (Couldn't just go around the building back to the street we were originally on because there wasn't room to walk between the buildings.)   But I couldn't figure out how to get the rope down, so that didn't happen.

I feel like then there were groups of really mean, jerky guys (you know the type, the assholes of high school) standing on the roofs of the adjacent buildings making fun of us being stuck, and not helping us get up/down/off the roof/into the building, but if that really happened, it was just for a bit at the end of the dream before I woke up.

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