Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lambert's Party...

Last weekend I had a dream where I was at some party Lambert was throwing.  It was in a house, but it didn't have normal house-type bathrooms.  Instead, they were like when you go to the bathroom in public and there are several stalls in the same room.  At some point during the party, I realized I needed to go to the bathroom, but since this was the first time at Lambert's house, I asked him where it was.
Surprisingly, there wasn't a ladies room.  Just a men's room.  But I had to go bad enough that I just said screw it, I'll use the men's room.  It had four stalls, and they all had something wrong with them.  Two were out of toilet paper.  One didn't flush.  The last one's door didn't close all the way.
Not sure which one I ended up using, but I remember that I bugged Lambert about why he didn't have a normal bathroom in his house, since it was a house and not a building requiring multiple toilets.  Don't think he had an answer.

Also, the party had like a hundred people at it.  It was absolutely packed.

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