Sunday, February 17, 2013

Trip to Hanavar, Canada

Last night I had another dream that tried to convince me that I had gotten an offer for that job I want.

I was on an airplane with my brother, and got a phone call from a recruiter/HR person asking me to fill out some more paperwork so they could run a background check on me.  Then I got excited since things were moving forward.

Anyway, then the plane landed in Canada, in a place that I think was called Hanover, but spelled Hanavar.  It was kind of a weird town that had an airport and a train station and a functioning castle and possibly royalty, but then it also had a not fantastic school district.

We were going to Hanavar to attend an awards ceremony because dad was getting one for something. Before the actual ceremony there was a buffet dinner, with an absolutely enormous line.  As in, there were hundreds of people in it.  So Kevin and I snuck out to explore the city/town of Hanavar.  We found a middle school that was open- it looked like at least parts of it were built of sticks and mud, but we went in just to check it out.  There was tons of awesome kid-artwork covering all the walls, and we ran into a really friendly teacher who told us about how awesome the teachers and kids were, but how they wished they could afford a better building/teaching materials, etc..

After chatting with her, we realized that we should probably get back to the awards ceremony/banquet. We were able to get back in line behind mom & dad, next to Aline.  Aline was there to hang out (also possibly because dad had an extra ticket, and who wouldn't want to go to Hanavar?), and had been chatting with dad about whatever his award was for to distract him from noticing that Kevin and I had run off for a half hour.  We got back in line and passed it off as having gone looking for the restrooms.

That was pretty much the end of the dream.  I feel like Aline played a bigger part in it than just holding our place in line, but I know that it was Kevin on the airplane and running around the school with me.  And I really didn't do this dream any justice with my explanations, because it was so colorful and fantastic, so I'm going to try and find some pictures that explain it better.

This is where Hanavar is in Canada.  Note that I have included my previous modification to Canada's geography in this map, so that you can keep track of where I've been.  I have also demolished a lot of Canada.

The plane was flying in, and I was sitting on the right side of the plane, so looking down on Hanavar when approaching from the south-west, the castle and most of the town is sitting on top of a mountain overlooking a lake.  The other side of the lake has mountains all around it, and there's snow everywhere.  The castle kind of looks like this one,

...if it were sitting on the little peak that's about a quarter of the way in from the left of this photo:

...and if it had a town around it and there was a lake between that mountain and the mountains in the background of that picture.

I tried finding a picture of the town/school, but didn't see anything that reminded me of them.  Also, dad was totally wearing one of those awesome totally decked out royal outfits- you know the type, gold with the red/blue sash and all the medals?  Pretty awesome.

Castle source.
Mountain source.

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