Sunday, February 24, 2013

Party at Weggies

Had two dreams the other day that were related.

In the first one, James and I got dropped off at the grocery store by our moms for whatever reason.  After we were done shopping (I assume, although we didn't have any bags with us), we went back out to wait for our ride to pick us up.  It was cold and snowy and gross out, and I was going to go back and wait in the lobby-ish area, when James noticed that the car we were standing next to was unlocked.  He was like, no, look, we can wait in this car.  He walked around to the driver's side and got in.  I was torn between waiting with him and walking back across the slushy parking lot to the store, and gave in and got in the car with him.  Somehow he got it started (with no key and no hot-wiring) and started driving off in it.  I yelled at him that he couldn't steal a car, and he was all, 'Amanda, you're no fun.'  He turned back around and parked the car in a different parking space from where we found it.

That would seem to be the end of the dream, but given that the second one also took place at the grocery store, I feel like it was more of a prequel dream.

In the second dream, I was wandering around the grocery store (which I'm just assuming is Weggies, since it's kind of the best grocery store) with Sheree and Jake.  We came across a whole bunch of other people there.  I guess we must have been meeting up just to hang out, but were buying lunch from Weggies and eating it there?  Not entirely sure.  Anyway, there were a ton of people, including Belinda, Aleeza, James, etc. all sitting together at a table meant for not as many people as were sitting at it, and I'm pretty sure we were all just waiting for our parents to come pick us up.

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