Sunday, March 17, 2013

Krispy Kreme Sale!

This dream was delicious.

I was at a Krispy Kreme that Barry worked at with Sheree and two other people that I just can't figure out who they were.  KK was having a March sale, where you started out with a 'buy one donut, get one free' coupon, and then you turn that one in, and you'd get a 'buy a half dozen, get a half dozen free' coupon, and when you turned that one in you'd get a 'buy a dozen, get a dozen free' coupon, etc.

Somehow, I had skipped the smaller coupons (or had used them previous to this KK visit), and turned in my 'buy a dozen, get a dozen' coupon to get a dozen regular KK donuts, and a dozen of these chocolate-ginger/some other holiday spice limited time donuts that were apparently the best thing ever.   I took my boxes and went back over to sit down with Sheree and the other people.  We didn't eat them or anything, just had the box sitting there and we were talking.  Then Barry walked over and started chatting with us about donuts.  I was super excited (probably all the sugar in the air, I'm surprised Sheree wasn't crazier) and wanted to go look at all the donuts in the display case, so Barry went with me.

While I was up there talking to him, a family came in and bought a dozen donuts and some muffins/cupcakes.  I feel like they were muffins, but there was definitely frosting on top, so they must have been cupcakes.  I didn't know they sold cupcakes, and Barry was like, "yup!" and showed me all the kinds they had.  Apparently the lady in the family had picked out the 'mother's day cupcake' which had caramel frosting, and someone else in that family had gotten a chocolate one.  These were giant cupcakes.  Easily 4-5" across.  So then I decided to get some cupcakes, and magically had the appropriate coupon to get one free.  The guy at the register was like, "you know, all these coupons expire tomorrow (St. Patrick's Day), and I doubt we'll get many people in, so here, you can have all these," and handed me a stack of coupons that was about an inch thick.  Cue more excitement!  Went back to sit down with Sheree and showed them my coupons, and then Sheree wanted to get cupcakes too, and then everyone I was with wanted free donuts, and so we had a giant pile of donut boxes.

It was a delicious dream, and the first thing I did when I got up was to check and see where the nearest KK was.  And then realize that even if we did go to it, the chocolate/holiday spice donuts were imaginary and I wouldn't be able to eat them anyway.

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