Saturday, October 13, 2012

4 dreams...

First up is a dream I had several days ago and have just been too lazy to write up.  Then are three that I had last night.

I was somewhere, maybe some camp or something, and there was this old kind of creepy guy.  There was a little bridge, like the kind you get to go over the storm water in your back yard garden, or the type they use for crossing over at boy scouts or girl scouts.  It was sitting in front of a small pond, and on the other side was a little gazebo thing that was partially enclosed.  There was some pretty dense bushes in the general area from the 2nd half of the pond back past the gazebo.  There were little pumpkins scattered on the ground.
The guy told me to pick a pumpkin and take it into the gazebo, and that then I could talk to the spirit of the rabbit that was living in the pumpkin.  So I picked a pumpkin, and went down one of the paths that led to the back of the gazebo, and set it down on a railing, and I found out about the life of some random bunny.

...which reminds me of another dream:
At some point in the past couple of weeks, I had a dream that Pinto, a.k.a. Bunny had died, and I was so, so, so sad.  And then I was all, "Oh no! Girl Bunny! [a.k.a. Millie] she must be so sad too!"  And then I went and cuddled with Girl Bunny and kept being sad about Bunny dying. :(

First dream from last night:
There was a bag of clothes that were ready to be donated to the Salvation Army that were sitting on a chair by the front door.  On the back of the chair was one of my favorite jackets that I was going to wear.  I went to the closet to look for a scarf to wear, and dad went and took the bag and the jacket and took it without me knowing.  Then I had to find a different jacket to wear and follow dad to the GIANT Salvation Army store, where they had already put it on a rack.  So then I had to dig through all the racks to try and find it.  Dunno if I ever did though, because then it switched to the next dream.

I was at a used bookstore with mom, and had a sudden need to find a very particular book.  It was a book that I apparently already owned, but that I needed to buy again (dunno, dreams are weird).  Of course, I didn't know the title, author, or what it was about, just a vague idea of what the cover looked like and that it was a hardcover book.  I started climbing on tables and looking through every single bookshelf trying to find it.  Unable to find it, we went home, where I went to my bookshelf and found it and pulled it out.  It looked nothing like what I had been describing.  Then we were in a car going somewhere, but I don't know where, because then the next dream happened.

I was in charge of this carwash with like two other people.  At this carwash, kids would come to drop off the cars, and I was responsible for keeping track of what kid went with which car, and also entertaining the kids while their cars were being washed.  Dunno where all the adults were.
So I had this little book of different activities that we could do, and of course the kid (who has a dog), wants to do some weird coin toss game, so I had to run around trying to find the coin toss things.  I couldn't find them, so I conferred with one of the people who was helping to run it, and she didn't know where the stuff was.  So I had to go back to the kid and explain that he couldn't do that activity.  Then he got sad, and sat on the ground, and his dog got kind of angry, and started gnawing on my hand.  It wasn't painful or anything, just kinda.. weird.  Then I woke up.

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