Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lets do some homework in the pool!

So I had a dream, where I was living in the old apartment in Atlanta, and a whole bunch of people were over visiting.  Now, when I dream of real life places, they don't look the same, but I know that they are.  So my dream version of the Atlanta apartment complex (which has previously featured a six story pool) had a turf field, and everyone was running around having fun.

Then someone said they had to go because they had homework to do, but whoever it was came with other people, and the driver didn't know how to get back to their place.  Like, they couldn't find their way out of the parking garage, which for some reason resembled the one by the Georgia Dome.  So the person with the homework started doing it there, but then the field turned into a giant swimming pool, and it was dark and there weren't any lights.  So someone got some cups and glow-sticks and made things that kinda worked like flashlights so that person could do the homework.

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