Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catch up Post.

I have been slacking on writing these up.  Oops.

Last night:
Jake and I were moving out of our MD apartment, and going somewhere that was really far away.  After we had been on the road for 20 minutes, I realized that we never took stuff off the walls (photos, pictures, christmas lights), and started freaking out about it.  For whatever reason, Jake and I were in the same car, and he was driving and decided that we had gone too far to turn back.  Plus, we had turned the keys in, and no one would be there to give the keys back to us.  I got upset about not being able to go back, and was sulking about losing my posters, etc., when I realized that we could call Thomas! He lived next door, and could get the keys back from management when they were back tomorrow.  Then he could hold on to our stuff until we could pick it up!  Except management wouldn't believe that he knew us and was trying to help, so they wouldn't let us in.  I woke up and was all "Dream us are stupid."

Couple weeks ago:
I wasn't in the dream, just following people around in it.  Since this was a couple weeks ago, I don't remember much of it, but I was basically following some secret agent around as they were sneaking through this office that had like glass cubicles, so everyone could see through the walls.  Then the secret agent (don't even remember if it was a boy or a girl) had to pick a lock on a filing cabinet to get a briefcase out, but just as they got to the briefcase, someone started shooting and there was glass everywhere.

Last week:
For some reason, SWE decided that the regional conference should be in the fall, and national conference would be in May.  That's just stupid, because school is out in May, and so practically no collegiate members would go to it.  Anyway, the current GT SWE exec board had decided that it was best to bring all 150 members to regional conference.  I was talking to Sheree about it, and we were both all "STUPID STUPID STUPID."  But neither of us were an exec, and I was graduated, so our opinions didn't matter for it.  All gazillion people got to go, and somehow I ended up with them.  We got to 'conference' and everyone else was in awe of all the GT SWE people there.  It was taking place in some sort of underground mining/oil rig kind of place.  Cave walls with the metal catwalk/stairs that you see in those kind of places.  Everyone that came had to put on blue jumpsuits, and then line up and follow the leader person through an exhibit on Caterpillar dump trucks.

Same night as the SWE one:
Had a dream where the power went out and I had to pet the bunnies.  In a corner..... Don't remember a whole lot of this one.

A while ago:
I was in a hospital, and was like an intern or nurse or something, and there was this other group of doctor people who were all trying to save this other doctor.  Except they weren't trying as hard as they should be (blatantly ignoring the obvious thing he needed).  I felt that it was necessary to save his life, so I snuck him the drug he needed.  He started getting better, and one of the other doctors noticed his vitals going up, and went to tell the other doctors, and so I went in and was like "hey, you have to leave now, or they're gonna kill you" and so I helped him hobble out of the hospital while the other guys were looking for guns.  Then half the hospital exploded as we made it out.

There are some more from the past few days, but I can't remember them right now. :(
Maybe tomorrow they'll come back to me.

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