Friday, November 30, 2012

I remembered one!

This one was either the third dream from yesterday, or was from a couple of days ago.

I was in a cafeteria, that sort of looked like the first floor of my house (living room & dining room) if my house was much bigger.  I was there with some people who were supposed to be interviewing me.  But the whole interview thing was weird.  I signed in at the security hut (kind of laid out like LM is in Syr.), and they told me to go to a particular building.  What stuck out most about this building was that there were a ton of blinds in the windows, and that there were a ton of windows.  I got there super early in the morning, like 5 am, so everything was dark outside except for the lights coming from the windows and the street lamps.  I go in the building, and finally find my way to the room/office I'm supposed to meet the manager in.  That room is set up kind of auditorium style, with people sitting at desktops.  The manager guy is walking through the rows, helping people with problems, so in that sense it felt more like a classroom.  He finally gets to me and asks why I'm late (which I'm not), and then hands me off to someone.  I assume interviews happened, but the dream skipped that part and went straight to lunch where some of the people took me to the cafeteria.  We get lunch and talk at one of those big round tables that seat like ten people.  Then, in the dream it is the next day, and I have an interview with another company, and the two guys take me to lunch at the same cafeteria, but the food is much worse.  The people I ate with the first day are also there at the same table, and I go ask them a question but realize I should probably ask that question of the two guys I'm meeting with that day.  So I do that.  The food was pretty terrible.

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