Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last Thursday (I think):
I had a dream (got to think of a better way to start this) where Jake and I had made plans to meet up with some people at an ice cream parlor.  We got there earlier than the people we were supposed to meet, so we got some milkshakes and sat down at a booth.  Because of how the place was structured, the people we were meeting didn't see us when they came in and sat at the booth behind ours.  We could hear what they were talking about, and heard them mention poisoning us.  Apparently we knew something we shouldn't know, and they needed to get rid of us.  Jake and I looked at each other and silently agreed that we needed to get out of there without them noticing, and fast.  We slowly crept out of our booth and made a dash for the other side of the restaurant.  When we were halfway there, the people we were meeting (who I have a vague feeling were Jake's aunts) started shooting at us, so we took off running.  
I assume we lost them, but I don't remember the middle part where we got away, but I know this next part is part of the same dream.
It picks up with me in the car with my dad and Kevin, and I'm driving.  I'm ranting to them about what happened at the restaurant, so I'm distracted, and run a red light.  As I run it, I hear the woop-woop of the police car that is two cars back.  I swear, and pull up on the sidewalk on the left side of the street (one way street, two lanes, sidewalks on both sides, so only place to pull over is on the sidewalk so traffic can go around) to wait for the cop to make it through the light.  As I'm waiting, I pull out my license and registration to get ready for the cop.  When the light changes, the cop pulls up behind me, other cars honk angrily.  The lady cop gets out of her car, and I roll down the window.  Instead of coming up to the car, she starts climbing up the fire escape of the building I pulled up next to.   I wait a few minutes for her to do whatever she's doing (messing with traffic cams?), but she doesn't come down for like ten minutes, so I just drive off.  There was a lot of traffic, and I was still trying to escape/get away from the ladies from the ice cream parlor.
I feel like the area I was driving through was India or something, because it kind of reminded me of Aladdin- the clotheslines going across the streets between buildings, they're all kind of clay and steel, and things are colorful.  But it's the same city as the ice cream parlor was in, and I have no idea where Jake went.  The drivers seat was on the left, just like in America (not sure what side of the road they drive on in India, so maybe it's not India, since I've never been there).

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