Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I need to be better at updating....

So, I know that reading lots of text gets boring, so I am going to attempt something similar to what Allie (of hyperbole and a half fame) in the future.  I'm going to grab my drawing tablet when I go home next, and will attempt to draw nice looking drawings of what my dreams look like.  They're a lot better if you could see what they look like, because usually I get one or two very clear scenes stuck in my head, and if I could show everyone how colorful and detailed they are, then that would be awesome.  But I'm not an artist, so they'll probably be pretty bad to start with.

Last night:
I had a dream that I was home for Christmas, but it was like two weeks before Christmas.  My brother was home from school, but it was during finals week, so he really had no business being home... seeing as how he should be taking finals.  So the first week of 'break', we kept telling him he should be studying for the finals, since he had them the next week, and he kept uncharacteristically telling us to not worry about it, that he didn't need to study for them.  The next week rolls around, and he's just sitting on the carpet playing with legos all week.  The rest of the family keeps asking him if he needs to go back to school to take his finals, or study, and he keeps brushing it off, all, oh, no, no, I don't need to study, they aren't till later in the week.  Later in the week he's still just playing with legos.  Finally mom & dad are angry and think he's failing all his classes and yell at him, and he's all 'SURPRISE! I TOOK THEM EARLY!'

Over the weekend:
I had a dream that I had planned a get-together with a bunch of people.  I had made a reservation at a nice restaurant for like twelve people, so it was kind of a big deal.  I showed up to the restaurant a little early with someone (maybe Ron? or some other tall, skinny male friend from home?) to check and make sure that they had our table ready, since twelve people is a lot.  The hostess took us to the table, which was in this really nice courtyard area, surrounded on all four sides by the building, wrought iron tables with burnt-red and gold-yellow colored umbrellas over them.  It reminded me of Italy.  We had two tables pushed together against one of the walls.  Me and Ron (just gonna assume it's him, since that sort of makes sense) sat down to wait for everyone else to show up, but no one else showed up.  The rest of the restaurant got full-ish, and then it started raining, and no one else came.  I was sad. :(

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