Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kill Bill, but not.

So in the beginning of the first Kill Bill movie, there's a girl fight in a kitchen and the daughter of one lady comes home from school and they stop fighting while the daughter is in the room, just in case no one has ever seen it.

In this dream, I was just observing. There was a blonde lady, and another lady that had brownish-reddish hair.  The brown haired lady was trying to steal the other lady's identity.  Her plan to do this was to kill the blonde lady while her family wasn't around, dispose of the body, then leave a note for the blonde's husband & kid saying that she was leaving them.  Then she would just leave that city and move somewhere else, and it'd all work.

So the brown haired lady snuck into the blonde's house during the day.  Her house had some pretty awesome carpet- bright colors and really plushy.  And even though that sounds tacky and 90's, it didn't look that way, and came across as super fancy and nice.  Also, the walls of the stairwell going up to the 2nd floor were purple.  I liked it.

So she snuck in through the front door, and was going to sneak around until she found the blonde lady and then kill her.  However, the shower was running, so the brown-haired lady just went upstairs to the bathroom.  Cue fight sequence!  Brown-haired lady had a knife, and blonde lady was in the shower, but brown-haired lady underestimated the blonde!  She knew kung-fu or something, and it turned into an epic shower/bathroom battle!

Then the daughter came home from school, and the brown haired lady hid in the shower while the blonde told the daughter to go back downstairs.

I'm pretty sure that the brown-haired lady succeeded with at least half her plan (the killing part), but not the hiding the body and disappearing part.  I don't remember this part, but based on what I do remember, I'm pretty sure that's what happened.

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