Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tigers and dog-bunnies

So I have had a version of this dream before, where the tiger was present, but not the dogs.

Millie and Pinto (or Girl-Bunny and Bunny as you may know them) were in my dream, but they were dogs instead of bunnies.  Millie was one of those big really fluffy dogs, had similar coloring to what she really has, but there was more red.  She was also more outgoing in the dream than she usually is.  Pinto was like a yellow lab or some other dog that is smaller and has shorter fur.  He was just following me and Millie around.

Anyway, there was a white tiger in my backyard.  He just lived there, and typically was well behaved and didn't usually try to eat people or animals, just the food he was given.  But one day, he was trying to escape to go eat the neighbors, and so I had to coax him back into the backyard and into a shed.  However, the dog-bunnies were not very good at sitting still and were very excited about the tiger misbehaving.  They were bouncing all around, and I was trying to talk them into just sitting still, and had to more or less drag them to the shed to get them out of the way since Millie wouldn't listen to reason.  (In the dream, Millie could communicate with me using full sentences.  Kind of like in some movie or book where there's a spirit-dog type thing that has glowing eyes and acts as some other character's conscience.  I don't remember what movie/book, but that was what it was like.)

So I finally got the dogs in the shed, but the tiger was still out in the side yard, watching neighbors.  I started calling out to it to try and get it to chase me back into the backyard so I could lock it in until the vet came to make the tiger feel better and not want to eat humans.  But then I got him in the backyard and realized that the dogs were in the shed that I needed to put the tiger in.  So then I had to get the tiger to sit still while I convinced the dogs that they should really get in the fort where it was safer.  After I got them in there, the tiger started heading toward me, but wouldn't go in the shed and started chasing me, and then I woke up.  I hope I didn't get eaten.

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