Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hello again blog!

I feel like for most people, dreams are special occurances that happen maybe once a month or so, and that in most cases people wake up and forget the dream and very rarely remember it when they wake up. Probably even fewer people can still remember their dream by the time they get out of the shower and eat breakfast.
So when most people look at the date on my last entry they probably think it's totally realistic for a dream blog to not update on a regular basis, and maybe I haven't had any dreams to update with, and even if I did have a dream, maybe I forgot it.

Well, if you're thinking that, you are wrong.
I did stop having dreams for a little while, but I also got some not-very-enthusiastic feedback.  Apparently telling people about a dream they were in can be creepy. So the blog kind of died for a while.

The past 2-3 months I have been having extremely vivid dreams almost every night, and it's actually starting to get rather old.  I was telling Keegan this, and he said that he actually enjoyed reading about my dreams. I figure if at least one person got a kick out of the stuff my brain comes up with I might as well take advantage of the insane dream streak I've been on lately and start this back up.  (Plus it's entertaining for me to go back and re-read dreams, because 90% of the time I don't remember them at all after a month, and then I get to feel how everyone else must feel when they read them- WTF Amanda's brain!)

Rules for those who have never visited:
I (as in, real-life Amanda) am not responsible for what my brain comes up with. Maybe you died in a dream I have. That does not mean I have a desire to murder you in real life. Try and remember that when something happens and you feel creeped out. Totally not doing it on purpose.

Last time 'round I was tagging people in dreams and calling them out by name. I plan on continuing that as follows: If I am friends with you on Facebook, you will get called out by name. If I don't have a way of letting you know you're on the blog, I'll call you 'Coworker#1' or something equally exciting.  If you have a problem with being called out on the blog, let me know and I will change your name to something vague.

There is no set update schedule. Sometimes I don't dream. Sometimes I forget my dream(s). Sometimes I won't have time to write it up.

Welcome back to my brain!

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